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10 Best Ways to Avoid Getting Your Amazon Account Suspended


Moize Qaisar


December 13, 2020

Amazon is one the world’s largest selling and buying website that has a market value which is almost unbeatable. But with so much fame and worth come great costs. So, when amazon has to bear the brunt of loss because of a few sellers or buyers at its forum, it takes immediate regulative actions to curb such menaces. After all, it is about its prestige and money.

Let us not forget that amazon itself is a business, which needs to retain its standards and policies in order to acquire repeat purchases and an even wider clientage from all over the world. So, as a seller, if you are afraid of getting your amazon account suspended, here are some of the best ways you can prevent this from happening.


How to prevent suspension?

·       Add correct amazon account information

Very often new sellers at amazon get extremely excited and want to make the best out of the opportunity of selling at amazon. While this excitement is valued, overexcitement is always a menace. Amazon requires you to add valid amazon account information once you are setting up the account. Hence, when people add in an email address or a debit or credit card number that is being used at another amazon account too, you are calling for trouble.

As amazon receives the same information from two different accounts, the process of your amazon account verification starts. However, if two accounts of the same person are founded by amazon, one of them will be suspended. So, when you change your email address or any other information, assure that it is not being used at other accounts.

·       You must have the capacity to foresee

How many times have you heard your elders saying that people with the ability to foresee situations are successful? Well, this applies to the sphere of amazon too. As a seller you must be able to see beyond the FBA barcode labels that are added to your labels. It will help you prevent inventory troubles. Similarly, when you add new products to your e-store assure the addition of variety of products so that customers have access to them all with the right information.

Further, it is absolutely important to mention the accurate lead and shipping durations as well clearly stating the return/exchange policies. Sellers often forget to remove out of stock items which if desirable by the customer just create a moment of unease and bad shopping experience. Perhaps, assuring speedy and quality product deliveries can get you the best of the customer reviews. This can prevent any amazon account verification and thus even suspension or blocking. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

·      Be receptive to changes

As a seller one has to be dynamic and needs to be receptive to the market dynamism too. Amazon usually gives their sellers warnings so they can correct whatever is going wrong. So, remember that these notifications are important to consider. Also, amazon does not provide a seller with the personal information of the buyer.However, it does provide you with an opportunity to rectify your feedback matters and to respond kindly to customers. If you fail to comply by these rules, amazon can hold you accountable.

Perhaps, it places utmost importance on its buyers to assure purchases in the long run. So, make sure you place utmost importance on the same sphere that amazon does too.This will help you become an amazon favourite in the long run.

·       Always stick to Honesty

Ever heard of the phrase, “honesty is the best policy”? well, whoever said it, truly knew how much trouble false activities can cause you. Sellers who resort to false ways of going around things simply invite suspicion and hence, their amazon account verification. So, if you are selling an item which is already used, do not forget to communicate to your customers that it is a used item. Similarly, it is vital to double check that all products attached should have the adequate and accurate product description. You would not want to present false news to your customers because that can fetch in bad reviews.

We know that amazon is an extremely competitive market where you need to be extremely careful because one wrong step and you are out of the race. So, it is also important to realize that copying your competitors’ products might not necessarily bring you more fortune. What will though, is consistency and honesty. Because, otherwise, the customers will know eventually, and it will create a bad will for your own business.

·       Customize, Customize and Customize

Sellers at amazon often forsake the power of customization. For example, if any of your customers has had a bad shopping experience, what is the way to fix it and to get repeat purchases? The key is to customize decisions for each customer.Ideally, depending on the review of each customer, you must adapt and respond likewise. For example, if a customer had a negative shopping experience because of extremely late product delivery, it is incumbent upon the seller to send them a personalized apology note, or perhaps even an email excusing for the late delivery.

Believe us or not, one small step and it can do wonders for your business at amazon.Customers just love it when the businesses they are buying from care about their experience. So, never forget to customize options for your beloved customers.

·       Know your Priorities

We understand how as seller you do not have the energy nor the time to cater personalized messages or experiences for every customer. However, there are certain customers that require your personalized touch. So, for example, if a client who gives you repeat purchases has stopped making purchases, you need to figure out what is going wrong. Maybe your amazon account information is not accurate enough, or maybe they faced serious product deficiencies. So, figure it out and make wrong things right!

·       Double check your performance metrics

You really need to make sure that you double check your performance metrics. So, amazon wants to give you multiple chances before they actually take a strong action against you. However, if you fail to be reflexive of your own actions, you are calling for trouble. For example, the customer feedback you derive formulates a great portion of your overall performance metric by amazon. So, you might want to assure that you get the majority of positive customer feedbacks.

Especially, in seasons when the sales volume is rocketing, you must assure that quality is not compromised. Your performance metric also shows other aspects such as late shipment rate, order defect rate, pre-fulfillment cancel rate and more. So, if you focus on a few of these aspects, trust us, you are good to go and will beable to avoid suspension under all costs.

·       Just follow the rules

Just know thatthe easiest way to prevent suspensions and amazon account verifications by amazon’s team is to follow the rules. Realize that there will be people who will not be satisfied no matter what you do. Although, this might not be a sure shot to make sure that your account never suspends, it does minimize the risks.So, just follow the instructions, and you are good to go!


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