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10 Things You Don’t Have to do if your Amazon Account is Blocked


Moize Qaisar


December 13, 2020

In a sea full of sellers ready to take the amazon business world by storm, many often make the silliest of the mistakes. Perhaps that or it is just they forget to oversee amazon’s policies regarding sellers from all over the world. Amazon is one of the world’s largest e-commerce platform where millions of people transact every now and then. So, the next time you think of getting involved in aspects like selling counterfeit items or simply getting involved in copyrights issues, please think twice. You do not want to jeopardize your entire amazon career fora few shortcuts to success. Remember, success is like the wind, it comes and goes, your operations and mannerisms are forever.

Things torefrain from

·       Prevent sending random emails amazon

A lot of sellersmake this mistake. They think that sending random emails to amazon after theiramazon seller account got blocked is the right thing to do. But let us make itclear. It is one of the worst things you can do as a seller at amazon. Mostly, amazondoes not block any seller’s account without a legitimate reason. So, whensellers face an account block and spam amazon with emails asking why ithappened or that they need to repeal their decision, it just makes their casefurther weak. The right way to inquire about why your amazon account gotblocked is to check your inbox whether you have received previous emailsregarding your seller performance and if you have overlooked them. And to getyour blocked account reinstated, making an appeal is the ideal way.

·       Do not hasten to make your first appeal

Making an appealis a risky decision because there might be great chances for the appeal to getaccepted but at the same time there are chances that your appeal to getrejected. And you do not want that, right? so, fellas, the right way to make anappeal is to wait for the right time. To do your homework and then take therequired steps.

Your appeal mustbe a solid one, consisting of reasons as to why you did what you did and whatthings could be done in the near future to make your business at amazon better.Think of the strategies carefully and assure that they are coherent. Afterall,amazon will not just accept your appeal if does not make sense to them. Also,remember that it could be the case that amazon does not reinstate your accountbased on the first appeal. So, you might have to make another appeal. But knowthat a second appeal means you have to have a clear shot, otherwise, youraccount could also get blocked or suspended.

·      Do notjust open another account

Once an amazonseller account gets blocked, sellers just assume that it is okay to startanother account. But the ultimate truth is that it is not. Amazon will alwayshave your bank account details and name too. even if you change your name, youmight end up making silly mistakes like using the same credit card number. Thismeans that amazon could block your new account too and the chances of your oldaccount reinstating drop further. Also, the appeal you make for the blockedaccount to get open will also delay.

You must bewondering how amazon would get to know when you change all your details atamazon. But fellas, do you really think amazon cannot get to know? It has itsways to get around and get to know the different ways people employ to make newaccounts. Also, it must be remembered that incase the second account getslinked, the chances for the second to get reinstated after being blocked orsuspended are absolutely zero. You must not want to bring your amazon career toa bad end like this. So, stick to the right ways and wait for your appeal towork.

·      Do notalter or change invoices or other aspects once the account is blocked

We wonder whysellers even think of doing these little mistakes. The truth is amazon hasaccess to all your invoices and has a data recorded of all such invoices. So,every time a seller sends them an appeal or even an email with modified oraltered invoices or other data, amazon would know that you are lying. Imagine,you say sorry to someone by altering the truth while all this while they knowthe real truth. Would it not make everything further miserable? Yes, right?This is exactly the case here.

Moreover, amazonhas high level of expertise. So, every time someone fakes an invoice or otherdata, they are able to figure out that it is misplaced because amazon gets tosee multiple invoices every single day. Also, if you do so for an appeal ofseller account block, your account may even get suspended because of using fakeevidence. This is a punishable crime for amazon because they have a lot ofreputation at stake.

·      Preventthreatening amazon

We absolutely donot recommend such an act. Threatening amazon to repeal your account would makethings worse. A lot of sellers resort to threatening amazon with legal action.Just so you know, amazon is worldwide platform that has multiple sales in everysecond. Why would they not have some of the best legal advisory on boardalready? And why would the seller win the case if he/she are really at fault.See, amazon does not block anyone’s account without a proper reason. So, everytime people threaten amazon, it really does not make a difference to amazon,instead just weakens your appeal in front of amazon.

·      Do notplay a blame game

You must realizethe essence of saying it as it is but without blaming someone. So, a lot of sellersstick to blaming the buyers or amazon itself for issues such as a selleraccount block. But as a seller, one must realize that they must have gone wrongin some place due to which amazon had to take a decision as big as blockingsomeone. Amazon loves it customers on a pedestal. But, at the same time, itdoes provide its buyers with enough support and rights that if they performwell, they can do wonders.

Also, blamingthe buyers or amazon itself, again jeopardizes your amazon career. Amazon wouldnot want to work with such sellers to fail to take accountability for theiractions. The key is to do the things rightly, check your performance throughamazon’s constant feedback and to make things right. However, no account blockcan be reinstated if one party keeps blaming and does not take responsibilityfor their actions.

·      Do not hype up

A very important factor in all aspects of life, as well as in amazon seller account blocks is tostay calm. You will never be able to get things solved if you hype up and startmaking the wrong decisions. The key is to retain your peace and calm and thenmake the right attempts to get your amazon seller account reinstated. Trust us,if you are calm, anything is possible!


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