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10 tips how to remove ban from Amazon seller central


Moize Qaisar


December 13, 2020

Have you ever been through the strenuous times of amazon related issues? Draining? Yes! We absolutely feel you. Fellas! Amazon is a state-of-the-art website that gives you a way to earn money while sitting at home. Imagine the amount of dedication and hard work it must have required. Isn’t it only reasonable and important enough to do so because after all no website wants bad will for themselves? If you have been through similar times and want to get rid of your amazon seller central account issues sorted out, this is the perfect article for you. Get rid of amazon blues and make your lives easier and better again!

Is your amazon seller central account banned?

Getting your amazon account blocked or suspended are different thing whereas getting your amazon seller central account banned is a different story. So, incase one find morning you wake up and find out that your amazon account block has happened, there are somethings you need to figure out. For example, you must assure ifthere were not outstanding debts. Amazon has stringent policies regarding debt issues, so pay your bills on time!

If your amazon account suspended simply means that temporarily, your account cannot be operated. However, if you request for a polite review by amazon so that your account reopens, there are chances for you to get hold of your account once again.

Some reasonswhy your account can get banned

·       Lack of persistent quality and quantitycontrol.

Are you someonewho gives their customers a constant hard time when it comes to providing themwith quality and quantity assured products? Fellas! It is only naïve to thinkthat a company as huge as amazon would let you get away with it. Amazon’sprestige and is of utmost importance to them as it is the sole basis forassuring a long-term business. We repeat, do not make a fool out of yourcustomers!

·       Please notice your performance metrics

Amazoncompletely understands that businesses operating at amazon are handled byhumans and not robots. Therefore, they are bound to make mistakes. This isexactly why amazon has performance metrics that make you evaluate your ownperformance. However, consistent ignorance of the performance metricsautomatically means consistently same mistakes being repeated. Wouldn’t you getfrustrated if your children keep repeating the same mistakes? Yes! Now you knowwhy your account got banned!

·       Taking everything for granted

So, amazonexpects its sellers to be mature enough to know what they are stepping in. Acasual attitude and a nonchalant work ethic are not valuable at amazon. Youmust assure that the products you are selling are not counterfeit items.Similarly, the assurance of copy rights and trademarks is as important as youcan imagine. Why should amazon simply let people take over others’ businessesand pretend like they innovated it? Sounds justifiable, right? Well it is!


·       Make your customers happy

We cannotreiterate enough, but amazon really works this way! If you want to be amazon’sfavorite, you have got to be your customer’s favorite. Please assure that nofake and paid reviews are made on your amazon product page. It is obvious,amazon will get to know because they can figure out and understand behind thescenes of everything that goes on at amazon. Similarly, it is important to makesure tat your amazon account block does not occur by preventing constantnegative reviews on your product page. These things do matter the most! Morethan you can think of!

What to dowhen amazon bans your account?

·       Were you into retail arbitrage?

Trust us when wesay this, amazon takes intellectual properties very seriously and does notallow the infringement on the intellectual property of anyone whatsoever. Ifyou have had the bad experience of being involved in something of this sort,chances are you will require a lawyer to deal with your case. But do not fretfellas! Amazon is working to provide people with the maximum amount ofopportunities that they can. So, if you show absolute commitment and remorse atwhat happened, while actually taking the blame on yourself, there could bechances of a ban removal.

·       Talk to a professional

As simple as itsounds, sometimes the biggest solutions are found by simply talking to otherpeople in the field or consulting professionals. You would not even realize butthey solve half of your problems. The reversal of a ban on an amazon sellercentral account could come through this way too. A certain professional mighthave ways to come up with something like a computer geek and Voila, yourproblem might get solved. While we understand that this is a chance-basedoption, getting your amazon account suspended or banned is a big deal!

·       Create a new seller account

Although, thisis not one of our most recommended ways to go about an amazon seller centralaccount ban, but this is one way you could adopt. If you are tight on a budget,or simply because you do not want to be involved in legal affairs, this couldcome in handy. However, creating a new seller central account is a highly riskyway to go about it. Afterall, you do not want to be caught again.

For a new selleraccount, you must assure that the new account has no linkage with your previousaccount. For example, your credit card must change, the name you create itwith, and the identity card must be different. But then again, the key elementis to talk to professional who have been in a similar situation themselves orhave helped someone else out there. They can help you the best to acquirecertain methodologies to go about this process. Nerve wrecking?  Oh yes, this one truly is! But you just haveto be careful and vigilant and you got this!

·       Make an appeal to amazon

If you aresomeone who hates the situation they are in, let us tell you, this is oneultimate solution. Perhaps, also the safest option, and so our most recommendedoption. If you have had your amazon seller central account banned, or if therehas been an amazon account block, just make an appeal to amazon. Amazon lovesit when people go through the right way and are willing to help as long as theperson as the other end is ready to make changes in the way they operatedpreviously. But there are certain aspects you must be careful about when makingan appeal. For example, you must assure amazon that you are positive andoptimistic about the future. You must assure that you are remorseful about whathappened and are ready to take the desired steps that can help you get youraccount ban removed.

Likewise, youmust never bash amazon in this appeal. If you happen to bash amazon andcomplain about policies made by them, the chances of reversal of ban will dropfurther. And you do not want that, right? so, simply accept the harm you mighthave caused to the company or to the customers and assure them that the samemistakes will not be repeated. There are greater chances for the reversal ofyour amazon seller central account ban this way.


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