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5 Things to prevent regarding Amazon seller account


Moize Qaisar


December 13, 2020

Fellas! Have youbeen through a tough time on amazon and your amazon account got blocked orsuspended? Well, do not worry! This happens every now and then with hundredsand thousands of people. A few wrong decisions here and a few wrong stepsthere, and boom! Your amazon account can get blocked, suspended or perhaps,even banned. But if you want to get out of this circle of constant amazonblues, you have come to the right end. Save yourself from amazon related issuesand keep your business blooming! Excited to know more? Keep reading!

What isamazon seller support?

Anyone who hasrecently gone through a phase of amazon bans or suspensions must have heard ofamazon seller support. However, if you did not know what it was, you will now!Amazon seller support is the prime support that a seller/ businesspersonrequires incase their account on amazon gets suspended, banned or even blocked.

The amazonseller support has an entire team dedicated to help the sellers at amazon,perhaps, in every aspect. For example, they even help the sellers regarding theentire registration process. Moreover, this team can also guide you in detailwith regards to becoming a pro seller. Isn’t this cool and exciting? Sellersmight face issues in delivering, packaging and lots of other issues too. Amazondoes give you the option of amazon warehouse through which you can getpackaging and deliveries done. However, people who chose otherwise are likelyto suffer the perils of inadequate business information.

So, for suchreasons, sellers at amazon can face serious issues, perhaps, even bans. But, donot worry! The amazon sellers support is made for this purpose, so that all thesellers going through similar situations can get through easily.

How tocontact amazon seller support?

Worried aboutyour account shutting down? Do not fret! While there is more or less no exactphone number to contact amazon seller support, we have a good idea. The bestway is to login to your seller account and generate a request to contact amazonseller support though your account.

Also, the waysto contact seller support differ in differ countries. For example, in the USA,you can contact Seller Support US for any issues you have regarding your selleraccount. Likewise, in the UK, you may simply contact the seller support Europeand bombard them with your queries. Or maybe no, do not bombard them! Yes! Thisis a key factor to retain in your mind before you attempt to contact amazonseller support.

5 things toabsolutely prevent when your seller account is under review

·       Do not stop selling

Unfortunately,people work around myths and half their live are spent following random myths.One such myth is that you should stop selling incase your seller account isunder review on amazon.  But, theabsolutely truth is that you must keep selling. Amazon is mostly conducting areview when you have had a few operational glitches, or maybe even somecontinuous unsatisfied customers. Don’t you think that is more reasonable too?

Incase you stopselling, the chances of you getting a good review amidst a few bad reviews dropfurther. Moreover, it might just signify to amazon that you are not a ferventand passionate seller. A review simply means a check while your dailyoperations are still going on. Until your amazon account has been suspended,blocked or banned for certain reasons, there is no reasonable cause to stopselling. Afterall, you do not wan to be the cause of your own loss, right?

·       Do not bash amazon and its policies

The amount oftimes people ended up in trouble because they were bashing amazon when underreview is simply funny! Just like parents keep you under check when youractivities look dubious to them, amazon checks your activities and review yourseller account when you are not on the right track. Take this as a way ofamazon to get you to the right track. Because if it does not, chances are, bothyou and amazon will be facing loss. With so many other competitive websites,amazon has to be careful about maintain repeat clientage.

However, ifsellers do not understand this concept as a regulating mechanism which focuseson their long-term success, this is problematic. So, in this process if youstart bashing amazon for an amazon account review and blaming your incompetentbehavior on amazon, things will get worse. Hence, it is important that yourealize your mistake and accept it as a way to get better.

·       Do not include sales or coupons in yourproduct titles

If your selleraccount is under review on amazon and you happen to include sales or coupons inyour product titles, you could be in trouble. While amazon does not allow salesand coupons in product titles, anyway, doing it when under review is evenworse. Amazon has strict policies regarding sales and coupons, so for all thenewbies, this is one shot you must be absolutely careful about.

Amazon caneschew any product information that goes beyond amazon’s values and rules. So,make sure you know what you are stepping into. Also, amazon give you multiplechances, so incase you happen to make such a mistake when your seller accountis under review, make changes instantly. Yet, if you still get blocked orcaught by amazon, accept your mistake and simply prevent such mistakes in thefuture.

·       Prevent unsystematic actions

The key factorto remember while your seller account is under review on amazon is to devise anaction plan. This is essential to adopt systematic actions. As a businesspersonno one is goofy enough to not catch their own mistakes. You must realize thatyour amazon seller account is under review because something was wrong,something was unordinary. So, you must try to go back and figure out whataspect have you been conducting in the wrong manner?

For thispurpose, you must come up with effective strategies to solve the problems whileyour amazon account is under review. For example, you must assure that if yourcustomers are constantly providing a negative feedback, what is the reasonbehind it. Check out the negative feedbacks and try to find out the root of theissue. Perhaps, contact those customers and fix whatever they deemed unfit. Thiscan help you get away without any damages.

·       Prevent rights infringement

Fellas! Trigger warning. Do not trigger amazon with rightsinfringement. If you are under an amazon seller account review, you mustunderstand that you already in a vulnerable situation. Amazon is keeping youunder notice. Therefore, you must prevent all actions that can further yourvulnerability to amazon.

Rights infringement such ascopy right issues is a serious one at amazon. Incase, you happen to sellcounterfeit items or items without proper copy rights, you must stop. If amazongets hold of this knowledge, you have severe chances of getting suspended.Moreover, under such circumstances, the chances are that amazon can even denyyour request to review your account after suspension on the basis of fraud.Hence, not just rights infringement, but any acts against amazon’s policiesshould be prevented.


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