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Amazon Account Block Without Warning


Moize Qaisar


December 21, 2020

Has your amazon account suspended? Do not worry! If you are a newbie who is worried about his or her business at amazon, this is it. you must not worry anymore. Do not fret if your amazon suspends amazon seller account, you must not give up on it. But you need to find out and review where you could have gone wrong. Perhaps, many people end up making random mistakes which translate into their amazon accounts getting suspended. But we have gotten your back! If you want to know more about this issue, keep reading!

Why does amazon block account without warning?

·       Consistently poor sales volume

Amazon isextremely serious and stringent about its policies and requires all people tofollow it policies closely. However, when people fail to comply, amazon oftenends up blocking people’s account to give them a wake-up call. For instance, ifa businessperson at amazon is constantly bringing up really poor sales, amazonis likely to block the account. Amazon considers the sales of a businesspersonas an important evaluative factor. However, if people are unbale to abide bythe rules and regulations of amazon, it will take a stand against it.

·      Sellingrestricted products

Unfortunately,many sellers at amazon do not realize about the perils of the unethicalpractice of selling restricted products. It is exactly like doing what yourparents asked you to refrain from. No wonder, in the end they would get mad atyou. Similarly, amazon mentions all its practices very clearly at the start ofyour business career at amazon. However, when people fail to comply by theserules and sell restricted products it has the right to suspend amazon selleraccount of the violators.

Amazon placesprime importance on the maintenance of product information and inventory. Yet,a lot of sellers fail to consider this as an essential and significant aspectwhich eventually causes glitches in operations. For this reason, if youraccount if you amazon account is suspended, you must assure that you do notrepeat the same actions again.

·       Delayed Shipment Rate

A lot of peopledo not realize that as sellers every decision they make should be on point. Forexample, if your shipment rate is declining at an accelerated rate, chances arethey will suspend your seller central account. This is basically the amount ofshipments that were not confirmed on time. This rate is calculated for acertain period of time. So, remember that amazon gives you lots of time beforetaking any action such as an account block or so.

This ratecontributes to show your performance as a seller. So, make sure you keepchecking your seller performance that is given by amazon. Although, it mightnot seem something that important, but it is. It helps you find out the flawsin your operations before amazon can take an action regarding them. After, noone wants to get their amazon account suspended. Right?

·       Are you selling unauthorized products?

Fellas! We canreiterate enough on how problematic and flawed the practice of sellingunauthorized products is. Imagine, you were the pioneer of a product, andothers ended up selling it claiming that they introduced it. Hurts, right? Suchis the case for amazon. As an international forum where sellers from all overthe world get to sell their products, amazon needs to assure authorization.

Otherwise, achaos will entail which is problematic for Amazon’s goodwill and repute in themarket. Moreover, amazon has certain ethical values that it assures arepracticed as its core values. The selling of authorized products and theprevention of counterfeit items is one of these core values. So, incase youramazon account ends up getting block or suspended without warning, rememberyour actions. Were you involved in selling unauthorized items? It is importantto reflexive as a seller at amazon because trust us, amazon knows it all! Thatis exactly why it is still surviving!

·       Forsaking selling policies

Just like allother policies are important, so are the selling policies. As a seller, whenyou join amazon, a list of policies is briefed to each seller so that they knowhow amazon operates. Amazon requests its sellers to be absolutely polite to thecustomers and value their requests. Similarly, as a seller, there are certainprotocols and information regarding your account that need to be maintained.

Similarly, themaintenance of intellectual property and other standards as per the request ofamazon are vital to keep your journey as an amazon seller going. These are someof the factors that people tend to overlook the most. So, if you continuallyoverlook these factors, your performance is bound to get worse, and hence, youramazon account may get suspended or blocked without further notices orwarnings.

·       Calling off orders persistently

Always remember,for amazon buyers come first. Because, this is where all the money is comingfrom. Without them amazon is nothing and essentially even the sellers arenothing. It does make sense when you cancel the orders of your clients a fewtimes because of legitimate reasons. however, if sellers continuously decline orders or cancel without properreasons, amazon is bound to hold such sellers responsible. It damages the flowof orders and sales which is extremely important.

Moreover,customers do not like cancelled orders either. Their shopping experience andthe entire excitement about a certain product may be devalued or perhaps, evenruined. To prevent losing customers and repeat purchases, amazon then blockssellers who keep cancelling orders of their clients without any reasons.

·       Making up information on your own?

Seldom, lots ofsellers have this weird habit of making up information on their own. And thattoo which is totally inadequate and false. However, when the productinformation differs from what the product truly is, the customers are notappreciative of it. Which is totally reasonable, no?

Other than that,providing misinformation regarding the pricing, quality, manufacturer and otheraspects of the products is downright making a fool out of the customers. Isn’tit so? So, for all sellers who happen to indulge in such activities, they needto know that amazon will not spare you on these activities. You will have tobear the brunt and eventually amazon will suspend amazon seller account withoutwarnings.

·       Do you have multiple accounts?

Another majorlyimportant factor is people having multiple accounts. This is when a seller hasmore than one account which they use to sell products at amazon. It is naïve tooperate multiple accounts on amazon with the same information. Obviously,amazon has your information so it will be easy for it to track. The tricky partis, that under such circumstances, amazon can even suspend you without giving achance to repeal. This is serious breach of amazon’s trust; therefore, it canalso lead to stringent policies against a certain seller.

So, for allthose going through similar situations, simply assure that you have not been apart of such activities. However, if you find out that you have been a part,please make an appeal to amazon. If amazon finds you remorseful and promisingfor the company in the future, chances are, you can get your account back.  


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