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Guide to Advertising on Amazon

Amazon Advertising- Do I need it in my Business?


Moize Qaisar


January 7, 2021

Advertising- what is the first thing that comes into your mind as the word is said? We are sure, loads of marketing, ads, billboards and so much more. But trust us, advertising is a such a broad term that encompasses more than you can imagine. And as a seller at amazon you must want to create some interesting ways to expand your buyer base and increase the sales turnover. But while all of this is not the easiest thing to do, it is worth a shot. Want to explore more about it? Keep reading!

What is amazon advertising?

Trust us when we say this, amazon is one of the pioneer digital platforms for lots of buying and selling. And in today’s day and age, its use has increased a multiple time more. As a seller this is your best time to increase sales. But how would customers know about your products at amazon if you do not advertise them? So, this is where amazon advertisement comes in handy.

Amazon ads work in way very similar to the google search. As you type some keyword in the amazon search bar, some products show up. Some of the top results that can be seen on your screen are sponsored ads from sellers at amazon. Sellers who want their products to reach every consumer first and foremost usually try to create advertisements or their products. Further, these ads can also pop up on single/individual pages.

Should you advertise on amazon?

Are you a seller at amazon who likes to sell tangible products on amazon? If your answer is yes, then you must advertise on amazon. Perhaps, think of this as an additional mechanism which can help you increase your sales significantly. So, if you are a seller who aims to increase sales and wants to grow consistently, this is your best bet!

However, if you have your fair share of doubts, start advertising for a single product only. Although, the results of advertising products cannot be seen within a day or two, they are significantly visible. Believe us or not, many sellers claim that advertisement at amazon helps their sales turnover to improve in ways they could not even imagine. And if you do not believe us, consult a seller who has resorted to amazon advertisement earlier. You will get your right answers!

All about amazon ads

Amazon ads are diverse and allow you to experiment with advertisements just as you please. However, you must have a seller or a vendor account in order to advertise for your products at amazon. One most famous kind of an amazon ad is the sponsored ad. These sponsored product ads are very similar to the ads on google shopping. Another type is the headline search ads. These advertisements help the customers to be led to the respective pages where their desired products are located at. Amazon product display ads are focused on product display rather than keyword focus, unlike the two other advertisement types.


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