Amazon Index Checker

Amazon Index Checker


Moize Qaisar


December 9, 2020

Gone are the days when you sit behind a screen not knowing how to fix the little problems that come up with technology. Amazon is a massive website where millions and buyers and sellers visit every now and then to sustain their lives. But what is most significant for buyers is to know of methods that could increase their sales and generate the maximum amount of traffic towards their products. If you are a new seller seeking to merge into a pool of super competitive sellers, you have come to the right stop. This guide will help you excel further!

What is Amazon Index Checker?

Amazon is the answer to all your amazon related queries and woes. Using this one can find out the backend search words listed by Amazon itself figure out those for which one’s products are not shown. Reconsider your backend strategies and plans based on amazon index checker and up your visibility game in the Amazon search bar.

Fellas!  Remember that when you sell on Amazon it is vital to assure that all your products are indexed for suitable and appropriate keywords which determines your success as an Amazon seller. If you want to curb your dependence on advertising and want to nibble on some more market share from your competitors, this is the apt strategy to go about.

How it Works?

So, if your products are listed for a keyword, when people write that word on the Amazon search bar, those products will show as a result of that keyword being used. Basically, checking keyword indexing permits you to show which products will be shown as a result of adding a particular keyword in the search bar. Sounds simple? Well, it is, simple and super helpful!

When we say it is easy to understand and super helpful, we mean it. Being indexed for highly suitable words, it increases the flux of traffic and the market share you can get on Amazon. The key is to remember that when a customer is searching for a product on the amazon search bar, amazon shows them the products based on its own indexing. So, if your product is not indexed against the appropriate words, the buyers will not be able to find your products.

Amazon KWIndex and Rank Checker

The amazon keyword index and rank checker tools are one thing you should get your hands on. One such tool is AMZ Data studio. This can help you check the indexing and ranking position of all your keywords used on Amazon. And guess what? It also helps to figure out which words are irrelevant and need to be removed. So, based on aptness, ranking and search volumes on amazon, find out the most significant keywords to be used. We vouch for this one, it can help your amazon journey blossom into nothing you have imagined of. You can even check out that what products are being sold using the same word! Sounds amazing? Well, try it soon and you will know for sure!


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