Amazon Product Research

Amazon Product Research


Moize Qaisar


December 13, 2020

Are you a newbie on Amazon who is trying to settle in the competitive environment of Amazon? Are you scared of the atmosphere and the various tools used to be a pro at amazon? Do not get scared anymore, for we have the ultimate solutions to all your woes. The amazon product research is one such way to curb all your worries and stress regarding your success at amazon.

Basically, amazon product research is a way of analyzing existing and market competitive trends to chose and opt for winning items. These winning items are those that can generate highest sales and are a love-affair for the consumers at amazon. Perhaps, the main idea is to acquire products at a relatively cheaper rate, and to send them on higher rates. This aspect generates high profit margins which is good for the seller in the long run. Doesn’t this sound perfect?

Now, you must bethinking why it is important to conduct an amazon product research. Fellas! We are sure, all of you want to earn the highest possible, expand your business at amazon and enjoy the perks that come along with a big business. Moreover, no one wants their stocks to be left behind. So, it is always better to conduct a prior research as to what kind of products consumers are willing to buy. If all this is your dream that you want to see turning into a reality, this is the best shot you have. Indeed, a sure shot!

Aspects to hold on to

Remember, research isn’t easy. But it is totally worth it, if done correctly. So, if you follow these protocols, chances are, your research will also bear you the fruits you have been seeking. Hence, it is recommended to prevent selling products which have low seasonality. For example, if some products are usable only in winters, chances are, your sales will be high only during that tenure.

Similarly, rid yourself of products that have any legal issues attached to them. You do not want to be stuck in a loom of legal proceedings. Such situations are not just bad for you’re the goodwill of your business but will also affect your mental and physical health. We don’t want that, right?

Although, this is not a must, but it is advisable to sell products that have a price greater than 18 dollars. This increases the chance of making millions of dollars through sales, as you will now have a higher price per unit. Do not believe us? Well try for your own and you will know!

Also, never forget, lightweight and smaller products generate the highest sales. This is because they have less chance of breakage and consumers of the modern day tend to prefer compact and lightweight objects. But its best for you because it decreases your shipping costs as well the storage costs. Fill in more products in a smaller place and you are good to go!

While every business has risk attached to it, it is always wiser to decrease the risk in every way you can. Therefore, conducting amazon product research is that oneway through which you can decrease the risk to a great extent. Imagine, you will get both the right kind of knowledge related to products and an insight towards competitive trends amidst the dynamism of the market. Not only that, but you can find the right suppliers for your products too. So, get ready to gauge your products’ development and find new ways to help your product excel in a sea of competitors. Isn’t this just perfect?



Amazon Product Research Tools

But the key question is, how to conduct an amazon product research? Do not worry, all your queries will be sorted in a blow! The following sites are some of the best ones to help you navigate your business towards success.

Keyword tool is one such site that can help you find out market-oriented trends. Moreover, the Keyword tool helps you find out accurate estimated amazon search volumes which help you figure out which products are a must have for consumers. It enables sellers to find out the top keywords which automatically gear purchasers towards your product page as you include them in your descriptions. It has various packages ranging from 48$ to 68$ to even 88$ per month.


Unicorns masher is another amazon product research tool. If you are sick of trying to figure out the right products to sell and filling excel sheets making wild guesses, this is it. the Unicorns masher is absolutely free of cost. It gives you variations, ranks, reviews and estimated sales of the different amazon products to help you identify the ones meant for you. Doesn’t this make your lives so much easier? Well, do not know about, but the Unicorns masher is our personally favorite. After all, who doesn’t love quality work that is literally free of cost?


One reason why Sellics is a top favorite amazon product research tool of every seller is because of its extensive capabilities. Imagine this! Sellics provides you with an opportunity to select from 5000 products from different categories. It makes choosing accurate products so much easier. Further, it also shows you the average number of sales per day for the first page of search results. All this in a super affordable range of only 57$ a month! So, gear up to use Sellics to make your amazon journey even better.

Jungle scout is a top-notch amazon product research tool too. This tool shows you the estimated monthly sales, number of reviews and even the number of sellers for any products on a page. The best part about Jungle Scout is it that it super reliable and offers various packages for people to select from. The Jungle scout package is for 49$ per month. The jungle scout and extension package is a207$ package for 3 months and the Extension package is for 228$ for one year. Find the product database and product tracker and so much more.

Believe it or not, this is an ultimate game changer. So, keep an eye on your previous products as well your competitors’.




Keyword ToolDominator is truly a dominator when it comes to conducting amazon product research. Believe us or not, it does work wonders! It is the kind that helps you target a certain niche within a category of a product. So, lets suppose you want to sell a pan but are not sure of which kind of pan you should sell. The KeywordTool Dominator helps you figure out these little things too. With keyword tool dominator, you can get three searches for absolutely free per day! It charges25$ which is super affordable, isn’t it?

Sales tracking and finding out about new products has become so much more fun and easier with none other than AMZ. One. While this website provides one with multiple offers, the amazon product research tool is our favorite. Get to know about the hot new products, or spy on your competitors. It gives an idea of the total revenue that can be generated as well as the daily sales. Using AMZ. One to target your products and therefore consumers is the ultra-best way to up your amazon game. So, are you ready to invest in products that people will be heads over heels for AMZ. One has multiple packages of 20$ to 180$ monthly.

Seller app, is a tool that helps you chose products more wisely for your amazon business. How often have you made bad decisions and regretted them later? Many times, right Say no to making uninformed choices and opt for the Seller app. Simply enter the keyword for the product and find out the top selling products on amazon. This will help you get an insight about your competitors too. It is important because you do not want to sale a product which looks profitable because so many people are selling it. Truly, if a lot of people are selling it already, your unique selling point and product differentiation will go down the drain. Hence, use the Seller app to make a wise and informed decision. Seller app has various packages of 50$, 100$ and even 400$ depending on your need.

Want to make sufficient amount of money on amazon but do not quite know how to or which products to sell? Am a Suite is a simple answer to all your queries. The truth is, when making decisions as big your investment in your business, you must make a mature decision. And for this, Am a Suite will aid you to narrow down your broad product idea, to a feasible and profitable business plan that you will love! For this it allows you to search various subcategories so that you can chose the product you are interested in selling. Am a Suite even shows you the rating for a product. It has a 97$ package.

Keyword Inspector is another one of these sites which is indeed an awesome one. It will bombard you with hundreds and thousands of ideas that you can get to chose from. So, the Keyword Inspector has a mode called “Today’s Top New Keywords” and this shows you the most sought-after words at Amazon. It is essential in finding out the product you want to sell because the most famous keywords are reflective of the products consumers want the most. So, use the Keyword Inspector and see your sales rise a new high! It has different packages ranging from 20$ to 100$ based on credits.

People often find it difficult to make the right decisions at the right time. But if you want to do this, the Ali Inspector is a pro at it. Find the best sellers using this app and get happy with this absolute life saver. It analyses the new trends, niche words and market’s orientation towards certain products which can help you decide which product you want to invest in as a seller. We love this concept for sure, and we know you will too! it has a 67$ package, isn’t this super affordable?



CamelCamelCamel is as interesting as its name. This site enables you to choose any amazon product for which you can see the sales rank and price history. Surprisingly ,this tool is more useful for the buyers than the sellers. However, you will be required to do your own sales estimate so unless you’re good at math, do not opt for this. But it is absolutely free!


To all the wholesalers and arbitragers, this is a call for you. Asin Zen is your life savior. While you are researching for new products, this tool give you estimated profits. It does the hard task of inventory check too. not only that, but Asin Zen tool helps you check the sales rank dips too. In case you want to sell apparel, you can even check which size is most wanted. All this only60$-150$ yearly!

Zon Guru has multiple packages of 49$ to 199$ per month. It literally tracks the number of sales for any product number you add. This is a cool idea overall, but not so much if you are only trying to find ideas for products to sell.


100$ a month and CashCowPro fixes all your amazon woes. They literally filter everything for their clients. Their system of categorizing great, good or competitive products is just amazing. You can also check what inventory investment you will require for starters. It is cost effective and super manageable.

Everything that is free and effective is just a love-affair. AMZ Seller Browser is too, to an extent. It shows the price history of each product. So, this tool is useful identify some competing products. However, it does not summarize any group data.

A machete is another tool that helps you identify estimated sales for any Amazon page. It is more like a basic version of JungleScout. It ranges from a monthly package of40$ to 100$ that you can chose from, as per your needs.

This is perfect for retail arbitragers. FBA wizard calculates your profit margins for you and scan prices in multiple markets for you to set your own. It costs 88$ a month.

RevSeller works in almost the same way as FBA wizard and 100$ yearly, so it is a cheaper version of FBA wizard.


Want to find a tool that can track the stock levels left and the product price on a daily basis? Amz pecty is one such tool that can help you in all of this. It has various packages of 20$ to 60$ to even 130$ a month for you to chose from.


Black Bird is a fine tool, however, in practice it is of little or no use. Their database appears to be small as it only comes up with a few results that are not enough to make an informed decision. It costs from 97$ to 147$ a month.


Asin Hunt is one tool similar to many others. It provides you with information regarding number of sellers, their prices and BSR. But gladly, it costs only 10$ to 20$ a month.

Google trends is just another simple way of finding out how popular or unpopular your niche is becoming. Its free of cost!

Want to know about the number of reviews, estimated sales, and average rating for each product. Resort to Asin Inspector. It costs 97$ and provides excellent service that you would love!

B-qool is another one of these sites whose packages range from 100$ to 300$ monthly. The Big Tracker component has divided its work for beginners, private sellers and even arbitrageurs. It works wonders!

AMZ Tracker is another basic tool used for finding out the best seller products. It ranges from50$ a month to even 400$ a month. AMZ tracker helps you figure out the estimated sales, the number of reviews and the number of sellers too.


AMZShark is a tool has a segment called Niche Scout which can help you identify competitiveness and profitability scores for best ranking products in a given niche, including the average number of reviews and sales. It costs 299$ a month.

Want to search for millions of products with ease? Amaze Owl spots high potential products and gives you various ideas for your new business. It is quick and costs between15$ to 30$ a month. Cool, right?

Trendosaur is a unique tool that scans the global market trends in different regions. Thus, it is advisable to use this if you are doubtful of which products to sell in your region to gain maximum profit. It costs 19$ per report.

Want to boost your sales and make maximum profit? Resort to Arbitrage Ideas and use their“Hot” filter to scan the best of the best. It costs 15$ a month!

MarketScout will give you a plethora of aspects to see. From estimated sales to rank for first 3categories, to lowest FBA price, everything is available in 100$, 250$ or 400$based on a credit-based structure.

Helium10’s Black Box tool is a wonderful one that helps you explore a huge list of products. You can choose how much revenue you want to earn from the product, and the tool will give you a list as per your request. Just give in a thorough read and voila, you are good to go. Its packages range from 97$ to 397$ per month.


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