Amazon Rank Tracking Tools

Amazon Rank Tracking Tools


Moize Qaisar


December 9, 2020

Are you someone who entered the world of Amazon only recently and are still trying to make sense of everything going on? If yes, this is the just the right article for you. We know how amazon can get super competitive and can require your utmost attention. But worry not fellas! We have the ultimate solutions to most of your amazon related woes. After all you do not want your competitors to take all the edge and he highlight, isn’t it? Gear up for some highly useful insights to make your amazon seller account boost. So, what are you waiting for?

What exactly is an Amazon Tracking Tool?

Do you happen to have a quest for excelling at your amazon business? Well, an amazon rank tracking tool is one ideal way to achieve your dreams. Amazon rank tracking tools can help you track different aspects of your business at amazon. For example, the rank tracking maybe for a product or even for amazon keywords.Amazon works in complex ways which are easy to understand when you have the help of these tools. As a human being, your insights are bound to be limited, hence, the use of these rank trackers can help you optimise sales.

Are you thinking of what good will they do? Well, as a seller at amazon, it is important to realise the importance of selling the right products. Yes! By right products we mean, most desirable, most demanded products. But how will you know which ones are the most demanded products? Ideally, you cannot know on your own, right?This is where an Amazon Rank tracking tool helps you out. It will enable you to figure out which products rank as the most demanded and which have a penetrable market.

Similarly, amazon’s algorithm works in an almost scientific manner. One must be mindful of the keywords to be used otherwise sales can be stagnant or can drop. But who wants that? No one, right? An amazon rank tracker also helps you figure out the premium keywords to be used to generate maximum numbers of sales. These rankings are mostly accurate, and if followed up correctly can make your business do wonders.

How do these tracking tools work?

So, unlike most business procedures, these tracking tools are pretty easy and simple to use. Anyone who knows how to use a computer and the internet has the capacity to operate these.Ideally, these rank trackers have a direct impact on your bank account, and that too a good one. Excited to know how? Stick along!

As an amazon product seller, you must assure that your product page is the first one to spring up when someone searches for any products. For the purpose, it is important to utilise an amazon rank tracker. These rank trackers basically analyse and look into how and where your listing springs up in amazon’s search engine results. This is crucial because if your products come forward among high volume search items, you are set to a great path.

Contrastingly, there is no point of being the first and foremost result of a session that no one wants to search for. Similarly, if your product listing is showing keywords that are unrelated to your products, this is a dangerous situation too. This could be mean you will have a smaller transformation rate.

Hence, rank trackers help you identify if your keyword optimisation is actually working and progressing. For every day, a self-operating tool will sort through Amazon’s search engine and will inform you what place your listing comes on. Yes! You can do all of this yourself too, but this is a time consuming and effort draining process. And of course, there are chances of errors. However, with the amazon rank trackers, the risks of errors minimise substantially, and you do not eve have to go through the hassle yourself.

What’s more to an amazon rank tracker?

Yes! Finding the right information is absolutely necessary, but what is more to it? How would you make use of the data and place it in the right direction? The amazon rank trackers help you achieve a sense of that too. When the data is used correctly, you will see the wonders happening. Excited, aren’t you?

For example, if a certain keyword placement still lands you on the second page of the search rankings, changes are needed. So, for such a case, you might want to narrow the term being used. Your competition may decrease. Although it might look like you are starting small, you are not. The rank trackers help you through it all.

Perhaps, at an individual level, you could run split tests too. This could improve the  keyword optimisation and would definitely help you achieve maximum number of sales.Split tests also have specialised tools like rank trackers.

The multiplier effects

Amazon rank tracking tools work in miraculous ways. Almost, having multiplier effects.Imagine this, you have an issue regarding keyword optimisation. The tool will enable you to figure out the exact problem and will help you get a replacement for it. how cool, right? All you have to do is replace the unnecessary keywords and see the wonders happening.

Similarly, rank tracking also helps you identify other loopholes which could potentially be over-looked. One example could be inadequate pricing. You may be underpricing or over-pricing which could affect your sales and the business in the long run.Hence, utilising the right keywords, and keeping a check on other aspects can help you generate greater sales volume overall.

Some of the BestAmazon Rank Tracking Tools

Kibly is an amazing amazon rank tracker. If you want your customers to get right at the track and buy your amazing products, use Kibly to track the ranks of products and keywords. This is an ultimate option that works amazingly. Do not believe us? Try out on your own!

Kibly aims to find out the best seller ranks for each and every product you aim to sell. This begins from the day you sign up in Kibly. Moreover, Kibly also shows your average rank during the entire time duration that you tracked the system. This is superb because it allows for utmost motivation of the seller. Fellas! Do not worry about the prices either. Kibly offers various packages for users of all kinds. Whether your budget is as tight as your jeans or as big as your heart, Kibly has got you sorted out.

Its packages start from 37$ to 97$ to even 297$. You are going to be absolutely amazed with the services within all the packages. Do not forget to check the website out!See the available facilities among each package and make an informed choice!


HelloProfit is another unique amazon rank tracker that works wonders. HelloProfit tracks your best seller rankings for you. Again, this process starts from the very day you sign up. So, no wait no hassle! Worried about the perfect keywords? Do not worry anymore! Kibly is the one software where you can add in some keywords for every product you want, and it can track the daily search ranking. This will you will be able to optimise keywords and boost sales like never before!

Further,HelloProfit is known for its unique feature of showing the various categories you are ranking in. this information comes in handy for those who want to evaluate their product’s market scope and potential. HelloProfit has a monthly package of 97$ which is super amazing for the service sit provides. Trust us, no more work blues with HelloProfit.


AMZShark is ass pot on as its name. with AMZShark you can easily find out where your products rank in amazon’s search engine. Moreover, you can find products rankings as many times as you feel like. Sounds great, no? Not only this, AMZShark is a wonderful creation where you can track the product rankings for any market too.if you want your business to accelerate quickly yet stably, this is it!

Guess what? WithAMZShark you can track up to 1000 plus keywords, all at once! Get to see your sales improving every day, just as you will get to see the results of optimisation daily. Simply put in the ASIN and it will initiate a ranking search on a daily basis. Similarly, you may put in a keyword you like, andAMZShark will reveal up to 300 products related to that keyword. This is a highly valuable software which can add gold to glitter for your business at amazon.

It has a monthly package of 299$ per month. This is at a pricier edge, but it is worth it!

Sick of doing all the work manually? Resort to Sellics! This is a superb amazon rank tracker where you can track your search rankings and each and every product you please. Sellics also offers a feature whereby you can mark essential changes made. For example, changed photos or bullets can be marked so that you remember them.

The best aspect of Sellics is that a graph shows you which changes were truly effective, and which were not. This helps you prevent mistakes in the future. After all, a business cannot afford similar mistakes over and over again. Sellics offers a57$ monthly package. This is super reasonable for services this good. Do not know about you, but we absolutely love and recommend an affordable and effective software and Sellics is likewise.

For all those sick of complex models and software, this one is for you. CashCowPro is a simple and productive software.  It even allows for an absolutely free trial! You simply put in the keywords andCashCowPro starts tracking the ranks allocated on Amazon. It shows everything in detail, from the page it is actually on, to its real position and even the keyword search volume.

This is an ideal way to monitor your performance and help your business make relative changes. After finding the loop-holes, you can fix them in and recheck if sales boost. Chances are, they will!  CashCowPro is not even expensive enough. It costs only 100$ a month and is super easy to use. might be another amazon rank tracker but sadly it is mostly a copy of AMZTracker. While this might be an unethical way of conducting business, they do have the same services as AMZTracker. You can get daily rankings for your products for almost any keyword you like or chose. Keyword ran tracking is a highly valuable aspect of your business at amazon. Moreover, it is crucial for your business to accelerate. provides different packages such as that of 20$, 40$, 90$,and even 180$. Make an informed choice and chose ethical businesses.


ZONGURU is another one of the rank trackers. You literally just have to enter an ASIN number and the software will start tracking its BSR. Gladly, the data at ZONGURU is updated regularly, almost daily. Furthermore, it shows you the main category as well the three subcategories which is a spectacular aspect. you also get to track your keyword rankings, of course. Doesn’t this one sound amazing? Well, even its packages are amazing. With three different packages such as one of 49$, 99$ and 199$ you will absolutely love this one. So, what are you waiting for? don’t you want to see those sales booming?

AMZ Tracker, the much talked about is all the rage and it is so for the right reasons. it is one of the best amazon rank trackers. You simply have to add in the search terms you require for every product you sell and AMZ Tracker starts the tracking process. It also shows search volumes for every single keyword. It is loved his much for its organised approach that does the entire process in a systematic manner. Perhaps, you can also receive mails regarding the ranking changes for your allotted keywords. How cool, no?

AMZ Tracker offers various monthly packages that you get to chose from. From 50$ to 100 $to 200$ to even 400$, you get to chose as you can afford.

Scope is an average amazon rank tracker. It does track your given product or keyword.However, one of its major shortcomings is how it serves the USA market only.This makes it inadequate for users from other countries. It offers a yearly package of 390$ or 690$.

With Overgrowth you can kick away all your ranking blues. Just put in the keywords you want to track, and it will find you its ranking on a daily basis. With an 80$ package you can find up to 150 keywords. Even when you are adding new keywords,Overgrowth gives you accurate suggestions for new keyword replacements. It has multiple packages of 79$, 149$, 249$ and 499$.

For everyone who want to track long-tail keywords, AMZ wordspy is the ideal amazon tracker you will need. It shows a daily rank as well as a BSR graph. Moreover, it can also check if the keywords are indexed or not. Believe it or not, it is important to know whether your keywords are getting indexed or not. So, with AMZ wordspy youwill have no such issues. Its super cheap and has two monthly package of 10$and 20$.

Asin hunt is the right deal for everyone who wants to start tracking sales, prices and even inventory. It logs in daily and gives you detailed reviews on a daily basis.You also get to see a graph of how it has changed over the period of time. Asin hunt is super basic and easy to use. You can track only 1 product though for 6$ a month, however for 10$ a month you can track 100 products. Other than that, it has packages of of 10$, 15$ and even 20$.

Blackbird is a tracker that is worth your money. Just sing up and it starts tracking all your products automatically. Moreover, it also shows you the graph changes in BSR, number of reviews, inventory in stock, units sold, and even profits made. It even tracks for new reviews. Amazing, right?

The best part is how it can notify when your rankings drop. So, within 97$ a month or 147$ a month, this is a perfect package that no one should miss out on.

Ever heard ofFBA Tool kit? This is an ultimate life saver. It looks a little ancient butt hat is nothing to worry about. FBA tool kit, however, seems to be geared towards, retails arbitragers. This allows to scan barcodes and also calculated profit. For private labelers, their rank tracker is super useful too. It has a plethora of packages from 50$ a month to 1000 $ a month even.


Finally,Helium10 is the bets one found in the market. If you have lots happening, this is ideal because it has an hourly rank tracker. It shows you absolutely organic ranks, as well sponsored ranks. It also has keyword tools that help you maximise sales in an unwavering manner. Helium10 offers monthly packages of97$, 197$ and 397$ too!


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