Bar Code methods

Bar-Code Methods


Moize Qaisar


December 13, 2020



What is EAN?

A barcode standard, a 12- or 13-digit productidentification code is the European ArticleNumber (EAN). The product, manufacturer and characteristics of each EAN arespecific. In a general way, the EAN is written as barcoding on a product labelor in packaging.

Where can I getEAN?

A 13-digit number is the European Article Number(EAN) which is used in bar codes for product identification. You can find theEAN number on your product's packaging. It will always be 13, s shown in the




What is GTIN?

A Global Trade ItemNumber (GTIN) is a unique and internationally recognized productidentification code. These identifications are used in a database that maybelong to a retail outlet, distributor, hoarder, investigator or other entityto view the product information.

Where can I getGTIN?

In order to create a GTIN, use your U.P.C.Company Prefix * GS1 to combine a common product number, plus a check-digit tomake sure that the GTIN is properly constructed. A GTIN can be used in allparts of the world with a Barcode U.P.C. It is a 14-digit number.




What is EAN?

The supplementary barcodes on right hand side of EAN-13 or UPC are 2-digitEAN-2 and 5-digit EAN-5. These are typically used to indicate the issue numberfor newspapers like magazines or books and weighted items such as food to showthe retail price that the producer is offering.

Where can I getEAN?

You can use the free barcode generator on thewebsite of Terry Burton (see Resources). Pick EAN, enter in the code number andleave the field "Options" as it is for your "symbology."Click the "Make Barcode" option and the download connection will beshown on the bottom part of the page.




What is GCID?

A GCID number is a numberthat helps you to demonstrate your brand. The number is given by Amazon. Beforeyou allocate your products, you need to go through the Brand Registry withAmazon. The brand register helps manufacturers to track their product listsmore effectively.

Where can I getGCID?

Any uploading listing automatically generates andassigns the GCID code. You can access an uploaded inventory report if you needto test the GCID code. Open the screen and see column W (product-id), you 'regoing to see a number and letter set of characters. The picture below helpsclear you about GCID and how to get it.




What is ISBN?

The InternationalStandard Book Number is a special numerical identification for acommercial book. ISBNs from the ISBN International Agency's affiliate arepurchased by publishers. -- individual issue and variation of a publicationwill be assigned an ISBN.

Where can I getISBN?

The only company approved to administer the ISBNsystem in the United States is, which is run by Bowker. Youcan purchase ISBNs as one package or for 10, 100 and 1000 customers in bulk.




What is UPC?

UPC is of twelve numeric numbers which are uniqueto each trading item. UPC, technically, refers as UPC-A. The UPC is the barcodeused, together met the related EAN barcode in conjunction with the GS1specifications, mainly to scan commercial objects at the point of sale.

Where can I getUPC?

Type all digits, even if not in line with themain row of digits, written in the UPC bar code, and any numbers to the rightor the left of the bar code itself. The EAN / UCC-13 should have 13 digits, theUPC Type A UPC code 12 digits and the UPC Type-E (zero deleted) should have 8digits.




What is ASIN?

ASIN is the main identificationnumber for Amazon. It's an alphanumeric 10-character identifierthat and its partners grant. This is primarily used within theirproduct database for product recognition.

Where can I get ASIN?

A search box on the homepage of Amazon or Add aproduct listing to your Amazon Seller Central account can be used to find anASIN. Product name, pattern, UPC or EAN quest. Click on the link to the productinformation page from the search results. In the middle of the product detailsportion you can find the ASIN.


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