Guide to Advertising on Amazon

Guide to Advertising on Amazon


Moize Qaisar


December 13, 2020

We all know how Amazon is taking over the world. At present, more and more people are interested in sending half of their pay check on Amazon sponsored products. It actually makes sense with Amazon. No matter what things you’re in quest of, Amazon gets everything in its stock. The expediency and affordability of Amazon is something you cannot close your eyes to.

Even if you’re not looking for something to purchase, you can sale your products in a better price. With over 300 million users, Amazon helps you advertise your products. What’s more interesting,Amazon ads is a no-brainer. All you need to get a little knowledge of Amazon ads, and some tactics that can help you get more eyes on your products, and ultimately higher returns!



What is Amazon Advertising?                                                                                                  

Amazon is an e-commerce site which allows advertisers to gain visibility to their products on Amazon. They can pay for these positions by bidding on specific keywords. When advertising on Amazon, advertisers only pay for their ad after a customer clicks on the product. Views, on the other hands, are free. Once people coming to that particular product click to see more, you’re officially charged for your ads.

This system allows millions to know what you’re selling while you only pay for those who directly express an interest. The amount to pay depends on you. But, the more you pay, the more likely Amazon will display your ads.


Types of Amazon Ads

There are various different kinds of adsAmazon offers to advertisers. You can pick any as per your marketing strategy, convenience, and budget.

·      ProductDisplay Ads target customers based on their interest in certain products and categories. These ads appear in merchandising emails and on product detail pages towards the end of the shopping experience.

·      HeadlineSearch Ads appear within search results, an area of high visibility, perfect for promoting brand awareness.

·      SponsoredProducts are keyword targeted that appear around or within search results and on product detail pages.



No matter what option you opt, remember the following things:

·      All advertisement packages are cost per click and based on an auction model;

·      You choose the highest price you’re willing to pay for each click;

·      The higher the price, the more likely your ad will appear.


Should you actually advertise on Amazon?

Amazon is one of the best platforms to sell tangible products that a large number of people are looking for to purchase online. On Amazon, you can advertise your product, with no difficulty.  Advertising on Amazon is beneficial as it will enhance your organic Amazon rankings along with boosting your product sales. It allows you to reach more and more people in less time. Compared to many other advertising means, Amazon is one great platform where you don’t have to throw a lot of money. Along with cost-effectiveness, here are some other reasons to opt it:

·      Allows you to do the work and control the keywords and bidding, or select automatic targeting;

·      Allows you to choose where customers land, select the copy and images, and to write creative headlines and copy;

·      Allows you to advertise multiple products at the same time; and

·      Allows you to promote relevant products based on the content of the web page.


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