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How Can I upload Product Video on Amazon Listing?


Moize Qaisar


April 23, 2022

Whether you are a newbie or an amazon businessperson, uploading a product video on amazon listing can be a confusing task at times. You must know the essential features to upload the video otherwise it might be that you think it is uploaded but it is not. But you have nothing to worry about because we are here to guide you about amazon’s product video uploads. If you want to generate the highest sales volume, do not miss out on this aspect of sales. And get ready to smash the sales record like never before!

What to do?

The first important step is to log in to your seller central account at amazon. Once you have done this, proceed to the A-content manager from the advertising tab. Next, chose the SKU that you would want to add to the video and then press upon the “Get started” video.

All you got to do is to complete the video title and the video description. Even though customers cannot visualize this, it is important for amazon because it needs to categorize your videos. Then save the changes made. And of course, know that the video will not magically appear on your amazon listing because it can take time for the videos to upload. Yes! It can take up to 6 hours or more for the video to upload on your listing.

Once the video has been uploaded, it can be seen on the images of the amazon listing. Sounds easy? Well it is! Just give it a shot.

Idea for the top-sellers

believe it or not, videos can create a huge impact. If you want to boost your amazon sales in a crazy way too, then you must give this idea a try. A you know that positive reviews and feedbacks can fetch you the greatest amount of sales, cash this! When a customer leaves you with good remarks, and especially repeat clients, ask them to make a short video feedback as a product review. Trust us, this can be a total game-changer for your amazon selling journey. Short, crisp, and compelling, one video could boost your sales more than you can even imagine! Isn’t it amazing?

How it all works

Videos are a step ahead of pictures. But in order to upload videos, you must be a proper seller at amazon. You cannot expect amazon to allow you to post videos if your sales are dim already. You must select enhances brand content from the advertising menu to proceed further. Likewise, carefully read the video guidelines provided by the amazon workforce.

If your video contains unethical or illegal content and propagates unwanted information, amazon could deny you the approval of uploading a video. Make sure your avail this opportunity to the best of your potential. The SKU represents the ASIN ever seller might want to use. Select that carefully too. If the video uploaded for each product does not match the product itself, it might not be approved.


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