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Amazon advertising

How much it costs to advertise on amazon?


Moize Qaisar


December 28, 2020

If you are a seller at amazon, you must understand the need to constantly improve your business. There is no doubt about the amount of competition at amazon. Everyone wants to be a seller at amazon and wants to excel and increase their sales turnover tremendously. However, if you do not put enough effort and the right kind of effort, your amazon selling business might just suffer a bit. So, if you want to improve your business significantly and see your amazon business notch up like never before, advertise on amazon!

Why spend on amazon advertisements?

Believe us or not, amazon is the leading pioneer of a digital world and ecommerce. It is something that all other platforms tried to make something similar to. Amazon has great reviews and you can buy some of the finest stuff at amazon, all at the benefit of a click. Isn’t it amazing how it works?

If you are a seller, you can vouch for the systematic progression with which amazon works. From the delivery system to the pricing, from the seller experience to the customer experience, everything is worth your time and energy.

Cost of Advertisements on Amazon?

If you decide to advertise your products at amazon, you must be interested in knowing how much it costs. Because the truth is, sometimes advertisements can cause you an arm and a leg, which frankly, everyone cannot afford. So, if you are someone who needs to be mindful of how much they are spending on the advertisement, we have your back!

Ideally, most sellers on amazon pay $0.81 for every time their advertisement is clicked. Which is not too much, right? But what you must realize is that this cost is not the final nail in the coffin. The total cost of your advertisement depends upon the amount of competition you get and also on the budget you have set. Let us assume you want to compete for keywords that are highly sought for, you must also get ready to pay more than the normal price. Think of this as a way to buy luxuries, you do not pay the same for luxuries as you pay for your basic necessities.

Likewise, if you have a budget of let us say 400$, it is wiser for you to select a bid of 1$ than bid of 4$. This is because a 1$ bid will let you enjoy the benefits of 400 bids rather than a 4$ bid which will allow you to benefit from 100 clicks only. Trust us, if you have some basic idea of mathematical calculation and want to save your business from any loss, this is your best bet!

For your advertising initiative to become successful, try to lower the CPC. This can be done through selecting the right keywords to use in your advertisement. Similarly, if you optimize your product listings, you will benefit from a lower CPC. And do not forget to recheck on your advertising campaign!


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