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How to add a product in Amazon 2020?


Moize Qaisar


December 13, 2020

With the digital age and e-commerce on a new rise, amazon has become even more important today than ever. And if you are a buyer or seller at amazon, this is your time to make complete use of amazon in the most useful way possible. And for all of this to happen you must know how to add a product in amazon. Sounds tricky butit is not! We have your back to help you understand the process step by step.So, are you ready for a digital transformation that amplify your sales like never before? Gear up fellas because this is nothing quite like before!

The e-commerce industry can get you maximized revenues and can pitch your sales in the best way possible. Yet, for that to happen you must know some tricks. And event hough adding a product on amazon is the most basic requirement for a seller, once you know the basics, you do not have anything to worry about!

A guide for adding products on amazon

As you create your own seller account at amazon, you might feel overwhelmed by the number of requirements. But there is nothing to worry about because most of these requirements are one-time fillers. Part of this process is to add a list of products in your amazon seller account. All the beginners reading this, you got this! Let us dig in!

Step 1- find the catalogue

First and foremost, do not panic and get ready to delve into the amazon world completely.Remember your username and password and simply log in to your amazon account.This is pretty simple, right? Once this is done, carefully inspect the homepage that comes right after you login to your amazon seller account. The top left will comprise of a section called catalogue. Click it and you will find some sub-categories under it. Do not let your heart skip a beat because you will find the section “add products” quite easily in those sub-categories!

Sometimes people are unable to find that option there. But there is nothing to worry about.Simply go to the inventory and press upon “add a product” in that section. Move your mouse all the way through the list until you find “List a new product”section. This is where you need to be careful. Either you can access the catalogue here and look out for a product already present or if you want to create a new product hit “create a new product”.

Step 2-categorize it

The next step ispretty simple and clear too. All you have to do now is to create your new listing. As you hit this button, a page with classification of products will be revealed to you. Now, categorizing your product into a particular type is quite simple. The primary category is easy to find out. For example, if you are selling any skincare products, you would simply classify it under ‘health &personal care’.

Then comes the sub-categories. This is quite similar to choose a category in the first place.However, the little trick here is to envision your long-term goals and decide a sub-category likewise. For example, if you seek an amazon journey for the long-term sales revenues, you must opt for a sub-category that can help you maximize your sales. For instance, imagine you have a fan that works both through electrical means as well solar energy. And if you cannot figure out which one to categorize it under, simply search up the two and which ever generates more sales, categorize your product under that.

Step 3-details matter

Since the listing and categorizing is done, now comes the part where all details are required. This is the ‘listing details page’. This is the page where you bring your A-game as a seller forward. Spice up the listing details with your words to catch the attention of every client on amazon. The most important aspects like the title, the keywords, and the advantages of using your products have to be mentioned here.

Likewise, it is equally important to mention the ‘brand name’ and the ‘manufacturer’. It requires a product ID number too. Perhaps, the key element that you should work on is the title. It can be a game maker or breaker. If your title is attractive enough for a pool of clients to open up your seller page, believe that you have got this! And of course, do not forget to add in your keywords to the title for maximal output.

Other important aspects on this page include pricing, condition, and the tick-box. The last option is about your packaging and delivery modes. You can either opt for amazon-based packaging delivery or you can do it yourself too. However, were commend the use of amazon FBA for starters if you do not have a proper strategy at hand.

Step 4 -Pictures

So, what do you do when you really want to buy a product, but it does not have adequate pictures attached to it? We know, it can be frustrating. For this reason, adding pictures of your product is as important as selling the product itself. Make sure your images are clear and are closest to the state of the product in real life.

Step 5- Help people imagine it

One can never understand the feel of something until one is made to imagine it, right? So, help you customers envision your product in the best way possible! The bullet points are your shot at helping your customers get a detailed review of your product. Remember, these bullet points must describe your product, but in a way that compels the customer to make that purchase.

Make sure you have done your research and know what your competitors are offering. Similarly, try to explain the advantages of purchasing your product. For example, if you write, ‘our skincare products are good’, no one will care about your product.But if you write, ‘our skincare products are good for hyperpigmentation and acne’, a lot of customers must be willing to give it a shot! Add in a buzz of catchy words and capital letters to grab all the attention of all your customers.

The description bit can be a little different. You can keep it detailed yet easy to understand.

Step 6-Keywords are the buzzwords

this is one aspect of amazon selling which cannot be done wrongly if you have focused enough on it. do not leave the keywords space empty under any conditions. It is very significant to decide the future of your amazon seller journey. Choose keyword that are most related to your product and have a ‘high sales volume’.

Step 7- for the love of details

And finally, for the love of details you get to add more. This is ending tab before your product is finally up for selling. Now, use it to the best of your potential. Use it to highlight the legal and ethical aspects of your products. For example, mention how your skincare product is not tested on animals. Talk about details like colour, fragrance (if there is any), dimensions and even other important essential features.

Once you are done with this section, simply press the save and finish button and Voila, your product is up on the market.

Important to note

While this process is detailed but easy, you must also remember that certain products require legal clearing for selling. For example, products like jewellery, music, watches, organic foods, personal safety, household products, and even products that are made in Italy require approval.

You can requestAmazon to clear your products before you start selling them. Visit the inventory section in your seller account, search the item that you intend to sell, in the search results you will get ‘listing limitations apply’, simply click the request approval button and you are good to go! Once this is done, you are ready.

However, some products are completely restricted on amazon, so, you must check that list before attempting to sell any of those products.



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