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How to Change Brand Name on Amazon?


Moize Qaisar


April 23, 2022

Your selling journey on amazon could either be a total hit or one with constant struggle. But if you are someone new to the world of amazon, fret not and make waves in your amazon seller account with a creative brand name and actions that will leave your customers hooked. But the real problem is how to go about it? Do not worry, we have your back! All you have to do is read this detailed guideline and follow the steps to ensure your ticket to a successful journey!

Be creative but thoughtful

As a newcomer amazon gives you the option to select or create a new brand name. This is your time to be creative but thoughtful. After all, what is the point of making a hasty brand name that you might want to change later. So, the first step is to think carefully before selecting a brand name. Do your research, brainstorm, make a list, choose the best one. And most importantly, do not compromise on this aspect because it is one of the most important aspects of your amazon business. If you got the first step right, the rest would make sense too!

Hear it out

Despite popular belief, amazon brand name for particular products cannot be changed. This is one aspect of amazon that most sellers are not sure of. Perhaps this is why they make hasty decisions and select inadequate brand names that do not attract customers’ attention and does not generate enough revenue.

In case you have made a mistake in naming a product and want to change it desperately, one way is to make an appeal to amazon itself. The seller service department will change the name for your product. However, this can be done only once or twice and under special circumstances. For example, if you created a completely wrong brand name or mixed two brand names, amazon would be ready to extend you this courtesy.

How to do so

Once you contact the seller support, click on “fix a product page”. Then click on “other” for the kind of change you require. Generate a request and after carefully checking the ASINS of the products, provide the seller support with a list of them. Do not forget them to change the brand on each of them. Chances are, your appeal will be considered and if it is worthy of a change, someone in the department will reach out to you.

In essence, changing the name of your brand sounds super fun and different, but as long as the previous name was giving your business you must rethink why you want to change the name now? Sometimes changes in the name of a brand can lead to a loss of customers. This is because they are accustomed to the old name and have developed a deep-rooted trust in your business name. So, unless you have important reasons to change the brand name, do not change it!


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