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How to regain access to Amazon account?


Moize Qaisar


December 13, 2020

Are you a newbie stuck in the middle of the amazon world? Do not worry! Like your life, your amazon will world also have ups and downs. However, like everything bad comes, it also goes away. And trust us when we say this, your amazon world will be just fine if you stick to a few practices, prevent going against the policies of amazon and take each step before thinking. And even if you have made a few mistakes and have ended up with getting your amazon seller account blocked or suspended, we dare you to believe us, keep up the hope! Interested to find out what ways can you work around to reinstate your amazon account? Well, keep reading and you will know the secrets!


ReinstateYour Amazon Account

Ideally, thereare multiple ways to get your amazon account reinstated. But, our mostrecommended and personally favorite way is to make an appeal to amazon.

Amazon suspended account appeal

To assure thatyour appeal to amazon works, there are certain rules and regulations that youmust keep in mind before making any such attempt. Your income is under threatand so is your career at amazon, so, we best believe, you would not want tomake any silly attempts that could cause you further damage. Right? If so, thenkeep reading and try your level best to reinstate your amazon account.

If your accountgets suspended, as a seller, you will receive an email from amazon notifyingyou of your suspended account and will also mention the reasons as to why ithappened. An amazon seller account suspended appeal must consist of a procedurewhich mentions a Plan of Action, a document that addresses the causes ofsuspension and measures to be taken so as to prevent such issues in the future.

Remember, yourappeal’s acceptance is highly dependent on how well devised your action planis. So, if you want your amazon account to reinstate, you must assure that thequality of your appeal is absolutely top-notch.

Ways to Writean Effective Appeal

·       There is no sin if you admit the sin

Nothing is toobig if a person has the courtesy to accept his or her mistakes. Amazon trulyvalues sellers and buyers who are ready to admit their mistakes. If you aresomeone who easily admits his or her mistakes there is nothing for you to worryabout. Amazon does not enjoy when you are feeling humiliated because of yourmistakes or are apologetical. The sole purpose behind showing them that youaccept your mistake is that you understand where you went wrong. Thisautomatically means that you will not repeat the same mistakes over and overagain.

However, juststating your mistakes are not enough. Amazon requires you to mention theapparent causes and the root causes of the happenings.  When you mention the root cause of your issue,it reflects to amazon that you understand the dynamics at play. And that,fellas, is exactly what is required in an appeal.

·      Followa basic format

Amazon does notrequire you to go over the board. Simply follow the one-two formula and trustus, you are good to go. In the first step try to mention what you did wrong andin the second step mention what you are doing to make it all better, to fix it.this approach makes your appeal a holistic one which emphasizes on the problemas well as the solution. You want your action plan to be coherent and orderly.Even though an amazon seller account suspended appeal is not supposed to be awriting assessment, it does look at how well you have structured and formulatedyour appeal.

·      Sayless, but say good

Always remember,the key is to talk less but to talk good. Whatever you say must be of value.Instead of writing long paragraphs where you end up formulating incoherent longstories, you want to be well though out. No? also, realize that amazon is ahuge platform with millions of sellers. So, many sellers may have to faceaccount suspensions. Therefore, amazon must have a lot of appeal to check. Ifyour appeal is something huge and messy, probably the team handling this issuewould not even want to read your appeal properly.

·       Do not miss the second chance

A lot of peoplewant to know how to get back amazon seller account, but only few are ready tomake the right attempts in the right direction. The truth is, every now andthen, many sellers get their first appeals rejected. But that does not mean theend of the world. you always have a second chance. But do you really want towaste your second chance too? We know you do not!

So, weabsolutely recommend changing your action plan before resubmitting your appeal.In case your second appeal also gets rejected, the likes of your amazon accountgetting reinstated decrease to a great percentage. Do not play with words andchange a few words here and there. Make sure you devise new strategies. Onegreat way to do this is to talk to people. You would be surprised, but when youdo so, you will find lots of new avenues that you had never though aboutpreviously. Make sure no information is missing or inaccurate. And you are goodto go!

·      Read,read and read carefully

Most oftenly,human beings have the answers in the questions. And literally right in front ofthem, yet, those answers are highly overlooked because of not readingcarefully. If you want to devise an appeal that cannot be rejected, believe us,you should go back to your inbox and read every seller performance emailgenerate dot you by amazon. Amazon always guides its sellers and keeps tellingthem wherever they go wrong.

Amidst all theseemails, you are likely to find the email sent by amazon stating the reasons whyyour amazon account got suspended. Read it and get to know your mistakes.Sometimes, one is so blinded by work, they are unable to see their ownmistakes. Similarly, reviewing your seller information is a great option. Ifyou successfully do so, you will be able to devise a super effective appealthat will literally appeal to the hearts of the personnel at amazon.

·      Patienceis the best virtue

Believe us ornot, as a seller at amazon, you will not be able to go far if you fail toretain your patience. You must admit that when one is patient, they are able tomake better decisions. Rushing decisions and actions will only cause more of anegative impact for your amazon career. You must be resilient and must wait foramazon to reply to your appeal. Often, sellers start bombarding amazon withemails begging them to accept your appeal. This is a highly unprofessional modeof resolving business issues. Moreover, it simply puts your case into athreatening situation where amazon can easily reject your appeal for causingthem issues.

So, for allthose who want amazon to reinstate your account, follow these steps and youhave nothing to worry about!


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