How to sell on Amazon?

How to Sell on Amazon?


Moize Qaisar


December 9, 2020

Are you a newbie trying to settle in a world full of chaos and uncertainty? No clue of how to set your business up for Amazon? Well, worry not, we have gotten your back!Amazon is one of the largest websites that has millions of buyers and sellers trying to make ends meet. If you want to be one of the many amazon top-sellers, you have nothing to worry, just follow through our recommendations and you have got this.

A CompleteGuide to Set Up Your Business on Amazon

Worried about how beginners sell on amazon? Well, the key to that is in how to start your amazon business. No business works without some money to invest in it. And so is the case for setting up your amazon business. Fellas, firstly, you need to decide what kind of niche your business is going to offer? Is it going to sell clothes? Some products for children, or maybe some pre-loved luxury items?Once, you have made this decision, next comes the responsibility of selecting your retailers.

Just like you weigh the pros and cons of every decision you make; you have to think this through thoroughly too. While buying from retailers to sell further is a good option, buying bulk products from wholesale suppliers is another option. But, remember, bulk buying may look more cost effective, but it can be super risky for a new start up. But hey, risk is another name of business and remember you have got to do what you have got to do!

For setting up an amazon account you require around 225$- 530$. It is important to know that any business can also come up with many unseen costs, which you have got to fulfil in order to run your business smoothly. The first step is to buy the initial stock. Once you are done with that, your next task is to open up an amazon account. Remember amazon business accounts cost you approximately 40$.Then follows the payments to be made for buying UPC codes, investing in product photography, logo formation and product branding. These different aspects of the kaleidoscope join together to form one shining ray in the form of your business.



Hold tight!These steps may look tedious and long, but the utter truth is, they are easier than setting up a business in a store form. You are saved from so many unwanted and long procedures. One is often bombarded with questions like how to sell onAmazon? The aforementioned points are ways to set up your business, but there is so much more to selling on amazon. For example, if you want to be atop-notch seller at amazon, you need to realise the importance of product quality and lucrative products. Because, jokes apart, the real aim of a business is profit making, no?

For choosing such products, a beginner must conduct thorough research before finalising their decision.  While it is important for your products to be of the two qualities mentioned above, it is most important to know that the products you sell should also seem interesting to you. Some wise old men said, “There is no pleasure in a business or a job that you do not find interesting”. So, do not compromise on this aspect.

What more comes to your mind when we say, “how to sell on amazon”? Amazon is not just another local website where you can launch your products without a proper plan in mind. It is important to keep a solid plan in mind. For example, one needs to identify the number of products they want to sell. Incase you want to go about a professional plan, heads up, because it requires a monthly subscription fees of $39.99. Otherwise, each seller is liable to pay $0.99 per item sold and no monthly subscription fees is charged. So, when your parents urge you to follow a proper plan, listen to their advice, carefully!

So, when beginners ponder over how beginners sell on amazon, one of their biggest concerns is the mode and time of payment. But there is nothing to worry when you are working with a company as huge as amazon. When you make your account, your bank account number will also be required. Hence, your payments are going to be deposited in your account and once done, you will be receiving a confirmation email. And oh, unlike other random websites, the plus part about amazon is that it does not make you wait years to get your payments. Your payments are deposited regularly. So, cut down all payment woes and strive for your drive!

Oh, and beginners should know that amazon notifies of all orders placed, so there will be no possible order misunderstandings. Sounds easy and exciting, right? Well, it is. But there are a few nitty- gritties that a beginner must be mindful of.So, products on amazon can be listed once only in amazon’s catalog, other attempts can lead to deletion of products on the lists. Not all shipping methods are available for you instantly. For example, a two-day shipping needs to be acquired by a newbie.

Remember, the reviews you receive on your amazon account are of magnanimous influence. While providing a quality product and an unparalleled shopping experience is a must, some good reviews are also vital. These reviews can help your sales increase and can help you generate more profits. So, while it may take some time for you to increase sales generally, these measures can really amplify your business’s growth process.

All in all, our answer as to how a beginner can sell on amazon is through dedication. If you are dedicated and inclined towards achieving your goals, while following all the rules and intricate details as mentioned already, we dare you to believe us, you have got this! Amazon is a safe website, where you can go miles. But it is important to follow the website’s policies in order to maintain a long-term business scene therein. So, what are you waiting for?  



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