How to Write Amazon Product Titles?

How to Write Amazon Product Titles?


Moize Qaisar


December 9, 2020

Amazon is one of the world’s largest websites that has taken e-commerce on a whole new level.With such an extensive system, it is bound to have an unparalleled competition.But are new businesspersons able to survive a big market such as amazon? What are some basic ways to seep into the competitive amazon market and mark your territory? Let’s find out!

The key for writing some top-notch amazon titles is rather confused among the masses. Some would urge you to write simple titles, while others would recommend you opt for catchy titles. But let us find out what truly works.

Basics of Writing a Strong Amazon Product Title

Like a pillar of a building, a solid amazon product title is dependent on a brand name, some colour identification, the unit size and the keywords. Believe us or not, if you add in these four aspects, you are good to go!

The brand name refers to the company’s name that has produced the product. It is important because in today’s time and age, a product is identified by its brand name.Consumers are mostly brand conscious, and if your brand has a positive image, the chances of your products’ sales increases massively.

A colour identification is the catchy aspect of the title. So, when consumers searching for a particular colour see such products, the chances of them visiting your product page increase immensely. Trust us, these little things contribute to increase your sales.

The unit size is equally important because a consumer needs to know how much product they are offering. Often, when companies fail to mention the product size, consumers are disappointed if the size is not as per their requirement.

And finally, keyword truly means what the product is. Amazon works in miraculous ways, please in the right keywords and see your sales boost like never before. For the newbies, there are a lot of tools that can be used to identify the most accurate keywords.

What WorksBest

Surprisingly but truly, amazon ranks keyword intensive product titles better than simpler titles. It recommends that the first letter of all words in the title should be capitalised. Similarly, measurements should be spelled out, for example, if the measurement is in inches, it should be added in the title. All numbers should be written in their numerical form. Moreover, prices should not be included in the product titles.

We understand that amazon is particular about how product titles should be written, but, perhaps, these nitty- gritties help your sales increase. Amazon urges its sellers to not add suggestive comments, such as “best-sellers, best quality” in the product titles. It is for the consumers to decide! Similarly symbols such as exclamation marks should be refrained from.

So, while Amazon has a set number of rules to follow, these are super helpful for new business persons to develop their product image and their amazon business for the long run.Follow these rules and see the tables turn!



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