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Sellers Strategy

No sales! Why is it happening?


Moize Qaisar


December 20, 2020

As a business seller at amazon, one of your worst fears is that of a lack of sales. It could be because of a lot of reasons. But know that we have your back. Whether you are a newbie or one who has been conducting business at amazon, it is important for you to know all the potential reasons which can increase or decrease your sales. If you are someone who is worried about falling sales, fret not, because we can help you figure out why it is happening and what you can do to prevent them. So, keep reading!

Reasons for decreasing sales or no sales at all

Do you have a product niche that is seasonal?

Many beginners at amazon sell niche products that are only seasonal. Even though it is perfectly alright to sell season-based products like sweaters or even tank tops, it is somewhat important to keep some off-season or all-year products too if you want your sales to continue for the entire year. Keeping a proper track of your monthly and yearly sales can helpful in this regard.

Check if you lost the buy box your listing

The buy box is the little box on the right side of your overall listing. If someone else has taken over the buy box on your listing, there is trouble. Under the add to cart section, there are many other sellers who are likely to sell very similar or even same products as yours. It is likely that one of these sellers might have won the buy box and could have gained more sales from their listings. In order to note whether you the buy box or not, visit your listing and checkout if competitors have been trying to fill your listing. If there are other competitors under the add to cart section, you must realize that you have competition.

Be mindful of bad reviews

Bad reviews are like a sour feeling that is cyclical. Even though only one customer might have had a bad experience with you, does not mean every customer will have it too. But bad reviews can refrain other customers form buying your products because of the fear of bad quality or inadequate products. Especially, if you are a seller who targets new customers very often, you have lots of problems to fix.

Are you running amazon sponsored ads or has something gone south?

And finally, it is super important to retain a check of your amazon sponsored ads. Make sure you utilize this amazing opportunity to market your products. However, your sales might be dropping or there might be no sales at all because many people might not know about your products at all. The sponsored ads are one fine way of promoting and advertising your products to everyone makes a search query for the products you sell. So, use it to the best of your potential and enjoy the perks of increased sales! Isn’t it amazing?


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