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VAT Services on Amazon

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VAT Services on Amazon


Moize Qaisar


January 12, 2021

Lost in the vast sea of the amazon world and do not know which direction to look at? Worry not because we have every solution for you. Trust us, amazon is like that giant hub that can help you get the best of your business world. No hassle, no fuss. All you require is some direction and focus, and Voila! You have everything you require. The VAT services on amazon are another interesting feature that each seller must be well-versed with. If you do not know much about it, let us dig in together!

What are VAT services on Amazon?

Technically, VAT is the tax on consumer expenditure. It might sound boring and difficult, but trust us, once you have the hang of it, nothing is difficult. This tax is assumed on business deals, imports, and even on shifting goods from one country to another through the European Union (EU).

Now, VAT series on Amazon give you the liberty to work harder and give more time to your business. All you need to do is, complete the VAT registration on amazon, fill it and submit it at amazon seller central for only 400 euros. And guess what? Amazon works collaboratively with Avalara to give this service in different countries such as the UK, Germany, Spain, Poland, Italy etc.

How does it work?

As mentioned above, the annual price of this is 400 euros in every country. The VAT services for amazon give you the opportunity to get hold of a VAT registration number if it is needed, and even monthly or quarterly VAT documentations. In addition, you will get EC sales list reporting too. The fees are charged on your basic EU account that you use for market transactions. However, the price mentioned above is not inclusive of posting fees.

How to get your VAT registration number?

If you want to be registered with VAT in a location that supports VAT services by amazon, your registration number is given to you when you make the purchase of a single year of VAT services.

Remember, your VAT filings must be updated on a monthly basis. For this purpose, you must submit any information related to the product by the end of the month. If you have nay off-amazon channel, you must report that too and provide data to amazon beforehand. It is the duty of the tax agent to prepare tax files for you according to the country you are located in.

Once all this is done, then review and approve your filings properly. You do not have to fret about any stampings or official work because the tax agent must submit these documents to the relevant authorities. And finally, you must make the VAT payment.  Amazon guides you about where and how much payment is to be made. Once the information is imparted to you, make a timely payment.

Amazon keeps you updated with changes in rules and provides complete support for seller central use, so, make the best out of this opportunity!


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