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What are negative keywords in sponsored ads?


Moize Qaisar


December 24, 2020

Like the positive and negative aspects of life, you must ensure some positivity even in your advertising campaigns for your amazon selling business. Believe us or not, amazon can be a tough place where you must keep your A-game on and remain on your toes. But all this is if you want to be one of the top sellers at amazon and want to enjoy your work turning into amazing sales revenue. SO, if you have that spark, let us help you through the amazon advertising campaigns. Do not quite know what are negative keywords in sponsored ads? Do not worry, we will help you out!

What are negative keywords?

Negative keywords are those magic words that enable your advertisement to prevent appearing on amazon’s search engine result page. Likewise, this is a signal for you to show amazon when you do not want your ad to be displayed at a certain time or place.

Let us suppose that you use a phrase match keyword called “bowls”. Now, if a customer goes to the amazon search engine and write down ceramic bowls, your advertisement might be displayed for ceramic bowls too even though you sell plastic bowls only. The customer would click on your product automatically to find out what is in for them. However, when they will not find the adequate product, they will leave. Yet, amazon will charge you for the click made by the customer. Moreover, your ad might just appear on many places that could be insignificant and might even have very low conversion rate. So, in short, you could be in murky waters without a negative keyword in place. If you want to stay out of trouble, resort to negative keywords without a doubt. We promise, they will have your back!

How do negative keywords differ from ordinary keywords at amazon?

Perhaps, the name ‘negative keywords’ is pretty much self-explanatory. This explains why ordinary keywords are often known as the positive keywords, the opposite of negative keywords. Think of it this way, positive keywords are a signal or the advertisements to be placed anywhere and everywhere, whereas, negative keywords are a signal for the advertisements to be displayed only on certain places and certain times.

It is in effect a way to curb the advertisements from showing up in the wrong places and at the wrong times. Likewise, positive keywords have three different types of match types. For example, broad, phrase, and exact. While, the negative keywords have only two different match types, namely, phrase and exact.

What happens if you do not use them for your amazon advertisements?

When you are not using negative keywords, chances are that your advertisement campaigns will be running over every keyword that matches with your and that can be costly for your business because not every customer might be interested in what you are selling. And most of all, this can cause a lower product ranking for the products you are trying to sell.


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