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What is Amazon Account Block?


Moize Qaisar


December 20, 2020

Are you a new business person at amazon who is bewildered by the settings and workings of amazon? Do not worry anymore. We are here at your disposal. So, say goodbye to all your amazon blues and say yes to a tenure of absolute success at amazon. No more hassle, no more fuss! Aren’t you excited? Well we are! Keep reading to find out more.

What exactly is an amazon account block?  

have you been subjected to an amazon account block for several months now and do not know how to get it fixed? Do not worry anymore, just follow these steps and you will be good to go. This is a promise!

There could be a plethora of reasons why amazon decided to block your account. One major reason could be outstanding debts over time. This means that if you fail to make payments to amazon on time, amazon will give you a few warnings. Despite, if you do not full fill these debts, chances are, amazon can block your account easily. Debts can accrue because your credit or debit card may have stopped working.Do not worry! Upon any such instances, amazon does inform you of mis happenings, however, if the buyer or seller does not take an action even after the warnings, it is only then that the amazon account gets blocked.

Other reasons for getting your amazon account locked could be for security purpose. Most often, we take for granted how much amazon puts into the security of their users. Like parents take away access to internet for the safety of their children, amazon temporarily locks your account for the security of your account. Very often, hackers try to get into your account. However, after multiple efforts made, amazon figures out that it might be someone other than the original owner. Therefore, you can face an amazon account block.

Similarly, sometimes we do not even realize and violate certain codes of conduct and ethical values of a certain forum. Amazon has similar codes of conducts and values that need to be regarded if you want a long-term avenue at amazon. So, some of the basic rules that amazon wants you to follow are to honor and value your commitment to sell a product. In case you fail to do so, an amazon account block can occur. Similarly, it is vital to maintain accurate and current account information. If you keep using an account which has its seller privileges taken by amazon, that account can also get blocked. Another highly important aspect is seller misrepresentation. Amazon highly values the peopleit provides for. So, incase you are trying to double cross amazon, be careful because this might backfire. Don’t tell us we did not warn you!

Likewise, thereare certain restricted products on amazon that must not be utilized. These canalso be called “gated” products.  Gatedproducts refer to those products for which you need permission from brandsbefore you can sell products related to the brand. Amazon has had relativelyrelaxed policies in the past. However, people tend to exploit such policies.Therefore, amazon decided to come up with stringent policies. This is why thereis zero tolerance policy for gated products. While this policy is good for thebrands as it prevents the counterfeiting of products, it is equally troublesomefor the normal sellers. They have to go through a strenuous process. Yes! weunderstand you, but, fellas, these are policies that you cannot ignore. Also,these are for the greater good, aren’t they?

Similarly, forpeople selling on amazon, it is of utmost importance to realize that allsellers must comply with the rules set by the Environmental protection agencyoverview of the different legal sectors. These include the federal food, drugand cosmetic act, the federal warranty law etc. So, if you want to saveyourselves from an amazon account block, believe us or not, be absolutelymindful of these laws!

Somethings tobe extra careful about

Amazon accountblock or amazon account suspension occurs when people are making halfhearteddecisions without realizing their impacts. One such important decision is toreflect before every step you take at amazon. Afterall, you do not want to belabelled as a troublesome person at amazon. And perhaps, getting your accountblocked is problematic anyway, isn’t it?

So, the nexttime you operate at amazon, here are some key factors that you must doublecheck and assure complete vigilance of. Firstly, you must never manipulate ortry to change your seller buyer account to promote another account or to simplymaneuver with ordering or sales mechanisms of an item.

Secondly, youmust never use multiple accounts owned by yourself to do the aforementionedthings. For this purpose, a lot of people use multiple accounts to derail ordiscredit someone else’s product page by giving negative reviews and falseaccusations. While this is completely unethical to do, this has zero tolerancepolicy by amazon. So, make sure, you do not indulge in such low blows.Otherwise, get ready for an amazon account block or even an amazon accountsuspension.

Thirdly, youmust not return products that are quintessentially not the same ones that youbought. Imagine, people do this! Ridiculous, right? Well, that’s exactly whyamazon does not tolerate such acts. Fourthly, it is also problematic t transferfunds through multiple accounts in regions where laws might differ. Theselittle things may not seem too big for an amazon account suspension or even anaccount block, but they make operations so much more difficult.

Finally,purchasing items to resale is a big no, no! And so is the selling ofcounterfeit and fake products. No one wants to be sold counterfeit products, sowhy would someone want to sale counterfeit items? It makes sense now, right?

Suspended amazon account?

Do you happen tohave a suspended amazon account and do not know why it happened or what to doabout it? Worry not, it will all get fine!

While an accountsuspension is risky because for some people their amazon accounts are theirsole ways of earning. However, know that suspension just means that you stilldo have a way to make an appeal and your account might get started again.Mostly, amazon account suspensions occur when people sell restricted products,violate amazon’s policies or simply when your performance at amazon is goingdown the drain. But worry not, one can find out why their account gotsuspended. And for this purpose, you have to check your performancenotifications. Such a person might even get a notification regarding theirseller privileges being taken from them.

To prevent suchsituations, make sure you keep checking your amazon reports at a regular basis.Also, remember that when your customers are constantly unhappy with yourservices, trouble is calling1 you must assure positive feedback by assuringthat your customers get what they have paid you for.

Incase youramazon account gets suspended, make sure you make an appeal. For this, you mustassume responsibility for your actions and the damage accrued on the customerbecause of you. However, do not critique amazon’s product quality process. Youare making an appeal; you must show that you are apologetical for what happened.And at the same time, prevent making similar mistakes again, because chancesare, another suspension reversal will not occur!

So, for allthose going through similar problems, worry not! These are the ultimatesolutions you require.


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