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Buy Box

What is Buy Box and How to win a Buy Box?


Moize Qaisar


January 4, 2021

Are you new to the amazon world and are feeling overwhelmed by the number of things you read about it online? We understand you fellas. But there is nothing to worry about. We have your back like no one else. Whether you want to experiment with something new on amazon or want to explore new stuff, remember nothing is impossible. You can do this! So, let us find out what a buy box is and how to win one.

What Exactly is a Buy Box?

The buy box is a white box at the right-hand side of the amazon product detail page. Here, customers can add products to their cart for purchase. However, not all sellers are able to win a buy box nor are all sellers capable of winning them. But if you want to be the seller who wins a buy box, keep reading!

Amazon is full of sellers and customers, which means that the competition at amazon is also exceedingly high. Sellers must be able to come up to certain parameters and standards set by amazon in order to win a buy box! You must have some credible seller metrics to be able to achieve this milestone at amazon.

How does it work?

The buy box works through an algorithm that is set to evaluate the offers each seller puts up. It then further analyzes the offers made by sellers by looking at their respective histories, prices, and other aspects too. But amazon does not reward this buy box to one seller only, instead it divides and rotates the buy box between different sellers.

How to get it?

Complete every step

Buy box is not your friend’s present for your birthday. You must work up to achieve it. You must ensure that you complete the fulfillment process either through FBA, fulfillment by amazon or even Self-fulfilled prime.


Each amazon seller has two pricings, one that is the original price and one that includes the cost of shipping and taxes. The second one is known as the landed price. Some sellers assume that they can win the buy box only because they have lower prices than their competitors. However, what matters is not lower prices only but so many other aspects too. Although, having a lower price adds into your chances of winning the buy box.

The shipping time and stock presence matters

Shipping time is known as the required time by the seller to ship a product to its destination. If you are a seller who deals in products like perishable items or fast delivery products, believe us, the shipping time can be a game-changer!

Likewise, if you do not have enough stock present with you, chances are, you might not be able to win the buy box. So, it is integral to keep your stock levels up to date if you want to win that buy box.

And even if you try to improve your overall performance, you are in the eyes of amazon and might win the buy box!


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