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What is Keyword Generator ?


Moize Qaisar


December 21, 2020

Believe it or not, keywords are as important for an amazon business as breathing is important for a human being. Just like a human being is able to live and survive with oxygen, your amazon business is only able to survive if the right set of keywords are used in it. Do not believe us? Well try out for yourself and you will know the difference.

Basics of Keywords

Being the back-bones of amazon, keywords play a vital role in determining your sales drive. It mainly involves the task of finding out popular search words that consumers use in order to buy products from amazon. This enables sellers to identify the need and demand of a certain product and helps them rank higher in amazon.

So, while it may look like it is done only to find out about popular products, keyword research is basically a way to find out how people utilise language to meet their needs. Keyword research is one absolutely amazing to understand the dynamism of the market, the ever-changing trends and simply to understand the consumers’ needs. Keyword research is not a one-time task. You will be required to do it more often, so as to maintain a steady amount of sales and to increase your turnover in the long run.

How toConduct Keyword Research?

Keyword research is nothing too tough. Given the right keyword tools, you can solve all your business woes. So, the amazon keyword tool is an automated service which helps you find out the most relevant and accurate keywords for you to use. The suggestions made by the amazon keyword tool are based on the popular search terms used by the people on amazon. In a sea of a fierce competition on amazon, this keyword tool helps you stay relevant and in the business. This way, you can also find out about the keywords used by your competitors.

Amazon KeywordExtractor

Amazon keyword extractor is another aspect that helps you seep into the amazon world. to use it, simply put the ASIN that you want to extract the keywords from. Chose the relevant amazon marketplace and just click on the extract button. And Voila!  The extraction of a suitable keyword is done!

The process is simple and super easy to conduct. The best part is, it will extract all the relevant keywords and will present to you those keywords in an orderly and simple form. One other and simpler form is to read the product reviews, questions and answers of customers for your own as well as your competitor’s business. It will help you step into the shoes of a customer and think like-wise. Read them and assess them and we vouch for it, you will be able to make a difference.

Amazon is a wholesome website which has some regulations to follow but even those are for regular and stable businesses of all people on amazon. So, make the best out of it and avail it to the best of its potential using these simple techniques!


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