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What to do if your Amazon account is blocked?


Moize Qaisar


December 13, 2020

Are you someone juggling between the perils of a blocked amazon account with no avail? Do not worry fellas! A lot of people end up getting their amazon accounts blocked.This can happen due to several reasons. Most of which you might already be familiar with, because, amazon does not block accounts without nay solid reason. Perhaps, the continuous carelessness at a seller’s end and an incompetency to fix what is wrong are two major reasons for such account blocks. However, if you want to find out more about amazon account blocks and how they can be recovered, please keep reading.

What is meantby amazon account block?

A lot of sellerscomplain that one fine day as they woke up to continue work at amazon, theyfound that their account was blocked. This usually means that someone had beentrying to get into your account through several tries, however, wasunsuccessful. So, to secure your account for the long term, amazon blocked youraccount.

On the brightside, there is nothing much to worry about. In cases as such, amazon providesyou complete protection so that the chances of your account being misused areabsolutely minimized. Amazon provides you with a temporary password to assurethat you have some way out. Moreover, it also removes any credit card or otherpayment methods from your account to prevent further chaos.

Other reasonsfor an amazon account block can be the misuse of seller privileges. Or perhaps,even the lack of care and consistent effort to better your product page andyour business.

Some Ways toRecover Your Amazon Account

Amazon accountrecovery is no big deal. Once you get the hang of it, it can be done easilylike all other processes at amazon. All you got to do is follow the followingsteps to recover your account.

1.    Click onthe “forgot your password” link on amazon’s website. This link will be rightnext to the text written “Password”.

2.    Afterreaching the next page, place in your email address or phone number in thespace available and press on the button where its written “continue”. Incaseyou have changed your email address or phone number ever since you opened upyour amazon account, contact amazon customer service link for further help.

3.    The bestpart is you get to choose the mode through which you want to change yourpassword. Some of the options given are ‘set a new password’ or ‘sign in with atemporary code. Skip resetting your password’. You may select either of them,depending on your situation. Once that is done, click on the button continue.

4.    A code issent out to the mode you had selected earlier. It may be sent on your emailaddress or your phone number. Often, people are unable to find such emails intheir normal inbox, however, if this is the case, please resort to your spammessages. Similarly, if you chose the mobile option, resort to your texts tofind out the code.

5.    Once youhave received your code, copy and paste it on amazon, as instructed in theemail sent or the text sent. The sole purpose of sending a code is to assurethat amazon allows access on the account to the right and legitimate owner.

6.    Next, youhave to enter in the name that is utilized for your security account. Thisforms an important part of the security question.

7.    Finally,the last step is about creating a new password. While it may be slightly technicalto formulate a new password, it is not impossible. You must place in your newpassword and confirm. Most importantly, creating a strong password is anintegral part of securing your account. Weak passwords make your accountabsolutely vulnerable to malpractices and malicious workings. You must assure astrong password to keep yourself away from such issues again.

How toformulate a strong password?

Like all otherthings, formulating a strong and the right password is no art either. But forall those who find this to be a troubling task, this is it. Fellas, it isimportant to note that using a single password for all or most your onlineaccounts is simply a risky action. You must recognize that this can make allyour accounts more vulnerable to hackings and blocked account recovery may alsobecome more difficult.

All you got todo is to be creative and fun when deciding your passwords. Think of somethingthat no one else could get to. We know you can do this! Perhaps, using apassword manager to help you remember all the passwords is an easy option. Theinternet is full of various password managers, so you have got to do it.

Remember, astrong password has at least 8 or more characters in it. amazon has a policy ofmaximum one hundred and twenty-eight characters for your password. Ideally youshould try to intermix numbers, letters by varying them with specialcharacters, caps, and small letters even. For example, ‘fF#W10M&WiH” is aperfect example of an ideal password. Moreover, refrain from using simple wordsand numbers as passwords. This is because these are the easiest to guess.Similarly, repeating old passwords because they are easier to use is a badtactic. You want to incorporate a password is memorable but also not so easyfor others to figure out.

Another mistakethat people often tend to make is using the same password for your amazonaccount that you used for the email account. This can cause a great deal oftrouble that you must not want. Also, keep your passwords absolutelyconfidential. Amazon account recovery become smore difficult when yourpasswords are known by all. You never know who starts disliking your successand gets involved in maneuvering your account if they have your password.

So, once youmake a substantial new password, half your amazon blues are solved right there!Do not believe us? Try it for yourself and we bet you, you would agree.

Other ways torecover blocked amazon accounts

Ofcourse, oneultimate and most efficient way of blocked account recovery is to make anappeal to amazon. However, you must assure that the appeal is well thought-outand processed appeal where you do not offend amazon by any chance. Often peopletend to show their disdain because of a blocked account but fail to recognizethat all proceedings in amazon are for a reason.

Moreover, ahighly important factor is that you must devise a strategy and an action planthat should be included in the appeal. Amazon account recovery becomesabsolutely easy once amazon sees your interest and fervency in getting backyour account. Sometimes, there aren’t huge reasons why your amazon account getsblocked, however, small but persistent mistakes can lead to such troubles. Itis only once your account gets blocked that you realize where you were goingwrong. So, the bets way to make these mistakes right is to make properstrategies, send an appeal to amazon and wait patiently. We cannot reiterate onthe importance of patience as a virtue through all this process. So, fellas,now you know what to do if your account is blocked!


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