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What to do when you are suspended from Amazon?


Moize Qaisar


December 9, 2020

Amazon is a vast forum with people from all over the world. hence, amazon tries to assure that all the people at amazon have a surreal experience, one that hey can never forget. And perhaps, one that makes them want to come back to amazon for repeat purchases or even for selling their products. It is no wonder that amazon has earned its name through strict policy checks and maintenance. Otherwise, with the rapid market dynamism and an upsurge of a plethora of competitors, amazon would have been out of the game. Therefore, for reasons like these, amazon has to maintain checks on its sellers. And those sellers who fail to comply by the rules of amazon are simply shunned by either blocking their accounts or eventually suspending them.

If you are someone whose account has been suspended by amazon, you have things to worry.Because suspension means a fall in sales and subsequently a fall in earning.However, if your suspension has been a result of minute faults, there is not a lot to worry about because amazon does give such sellers a second chance too.Want to know more about amazon seller account suspension? Keep reading.

The aftermath of amazon account suspension

Prevent the sections under all costs

·       Do not hasten to make an appeal

Suspension is an entire process which takes time. And as they say, hastening I the devil’s deed, so, take your time before every step you take. Which obviously does not mean that you take this much time that all options are foregone. So, a lot of sellers hasten this process without figuring out and effective plan of action.Remember, when you make an appeal to amazon you must have some sort of an action plan.

If you are thinking that amazon fixes your account after the first appeal made, sorry fellas, but you are mistaken. Only if you made an extremely minor mistake does amazon reinstate your amazon account. However, under all other conditions, the process requires days or even weeks. Of course, depending on the mistake/mistakes made.

·       Do not rush to make another account

we know that making another account just sounds an easy way to get rid of the problem. But the truth is, when under such conditions, you need to fix the problem rather than getting rid of it. And making another account can simply cause you more troubles than you signed in for.

Most sellers assume that it is easy to make a fool out of amazon. However, we must state, that for all such people, you must get your facts right. Amazon is one the world’s leading e-commerce platform that is in the business since years now.Simply changing your username and email is not enough. Opening a new account can cause delays in the reinstatement of your account and can even cause the appeal to be dismissed by amazon. You do not want such a case, isn’t it so?

·       Do not alter invoices, no matter what

It is clear that amazon does not approve of sellers who acquire their inventory and resources from un-authorized dealers. So, if an account is suspended with the claim of unauthorized inventory, many sellers try to alter their invoices to become acceptable for amazon. However, amazon has the previous data of the invoices.Therefore, simply trying to alter the invoice leaves a bad impression at the management of amazon and can delay your appeal more than you would want it to be. This kind of an action is considered as false information and manipulation which is considered highly unethical. So, the next time you try to trick amazon into such actions, beware for it knows!

·       Do not attempt to scare off amazon with alegal action threat

Often sellers make the basic mistake of threatening amazon with a legal action claim. If you hire an attorney who starts contacting amazon on your behalf, it is all just problematic. The sole of purpose behind amazon suspending your account is to make you wake up and conform to the standards of amazon. Your seller performance is one way to deal with this issue.

However, when a seller involves an attorney, the appealing process delays further. At times, amazon becomes aloof until the concerned person contacts amazon personally.Ideally, in cases of infringement suspensions, one should hire an attorney who can help to come to terms with a resolution. Yet, once the complaint is withdrawn, the seller should communicate with the seller performance board to fix the results.

AmazonRecovery Account Options

For amazon account recovery you will be required to provide the valid documentation to avail access f your account again. However, we suggest that using a registered backup method is the ideal way to go about account recovery. Often sellers are confused about how to unlock your account. We suggest that using account recovery to cripple two-step verification on an account by providing a copy of government issued identity as the account owner is the best way out.

How toRecover Amazon Account Password

If you have gone through the process of amazon account recovery, you must know that it can be strenuous and draining sometimes. However, with this way of recovering the password of your amazon account, you will be the happiest and at ease, of course.

All you have todo is, press forgot your password. Next, there will be a set of instructions on the screen, simply follow them up. You might be asked to copy the text from a picture shown above. Please assure that all the letters are copied in caps lock.Then, a set of instructions are mailed at the email address attached to that particular account. Simply assure that the instructions written are followed under all costs. Similarly, if the account was created with a mobile number, you will receive the set of instructions as an SMS on your phone. Sounds easy?Well it is! All you have to do is follow the subsequent instructions and Voila, you are good to go!

Remember, the key is to choose a strong password. The stronger it is the lesser the chances of password misplaces or any other account recovery issues.

How to UnlockYour Account?

Unlocking your amazon account is no big deal. But there are certain things amazon will require of you while you attempt to unlock your account. They might just ask you for your credit card statement with your billing address mentioned on it. It might require showing the transactions made on amazon and maybe even a copy of your identification card or credit card details. If the information you give matches the information of your amazon account, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. However, if you provide false information, the chances of your account staying unlocked actually increase.

To get it unlocked you will have to speak to an account specialist, or a supervisor.Please assure that you provide the right details that the manager or supervisor asks you for. Especially for international clients, you have to be extra careful about the information. For people in US, you may call amazon, chose options 2 and ask for a supervisor. Give them the right details they ask for and mention to them how your account was locked after slight issues. There area high number of chances, it will get fixed!


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