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Selling on amazon

What type of Advertisement is on Amazon?


Moize Qaisar


December 30, 2020

Amazon advertisement is like the icing on the cake which can amplify your sales in ways you cannot even imagine. Whether you are a newbie on the platform of amazon or one who has worked for years now, you must recognize the benefits of amazon advertisement to improve the overall sales turnover for your business. And trust us, it does not matter whether you own a large selling business on amazon or a small one, as long as you utilize some advertisement techniques, you will see all the improvement you seek. So, do not worry and dive into amazon advertisements to make your business grow like never before!

Benefits of amazon advertisements

Imagine you go to the amazon search bar and are looking for some special products, however, as you search you find little or no products to your avail. Sounds awful, right? Well it is. Now that you have imagined yourself in the shoes of a consumer, you must understand better what consumers are really looking for. Advertisements for any business are as important as the business itself. In fact, it is one of the key elements of the business. Especially, if you want to grow your customer base and want to continue your amazon selling business in the long-term, you must continue advertising too.

Types of amazon advertisements  

Sponsored Ads

These are the sponsored products ads on amazon that can help you fetch lots and lots of new customers. These are known as the ‘pay-per-click’ advertisements that focus on keywords to fetch you customers. Interestingly, these advertisements are accessible to both the first party and the third-party sellers.

This kind of an advertisements usually lands on the search bar result page as a customer makes a search of a particular product type. Such advertisements have a small ‘sponsored’ tag on them to make customers and sellers understand which kind of an advertisement it is. Remember, for sponsored ads you make transactions for the overall performance as targeted keywords are also included.

Sponsored Brans/Headline Advertisements

Again, these are also ‘pay-per-click’ advertisements/campaigns that work miraculously to help you sustain your customer base and attract new ones too. This advertisement includes a brand name and a logo, and even three individual spaces to mention the ASINS for each product. As a customer views this advertisement and clicks on the picture of a product, they are automatically transported to the page that showcases the product details. Sellers who are registered can make the choice of making their brand’s page as the landing page.

Product Display Ads

These kinds of advertisements are available only to first-party sellers. In essence, this advertising method allows you to advertise for your product on your competitors’ pages. It gives an edge both to the sellers as well the customers since they can immediately jump to the next options available in case, they do not like the products available at your competitors’. And guess what? You can also create customized headlines like “new” or “premium” in these advertisements.


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