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Where can I find keywords for Amazon ad campaign?


Moize Qaisar


December 20, 2020

If you are a seller at the amazon world and want to make your business grow like never before, you have come to the right place. Ye, we have your back! As sellers it is important to promote your business through every opportunity you can get. Yes, it might seem a little difficult at times, but what are we here for? All you got to do is advertise for some of your top-notch products and get your seller boat sailing. But how do you find out the right keywords for a process like this? Do not worry fellas, we will guide you through that too. Stay tuned!

A great idea to find the right keywords

Conduct an amazon PPC auto and manual campaign

The truth is you are likely to find out many different ways of finding keywords for your amazon ad campaigns. But in essence, not everything might work for you as it worked for someone else. Experimenting and finding out what suits you and your business the most is the right and most effective way indeed. If you run a PPC auto and manual campaign with the same products in each of these campaigns, you are likely to find out helpful keywords for your ad campaign.

Now, an automatic campaign differs from a manual campaign by way of targeting the ads automatically or by the seller choosing which ads to target. Likewise, keyword targeted advertisement campaigns work sponsored brands and sponsored products. one thing that most sellers fail to understand is that a keyword only matches to the user’s search queries based on the match type given to it. There are different types of matches available. For example, the broad match kind of a keyword is matched to a user’s search term when all the keywords exist within it. A phrase match keyword is coincided with the user’s ‘search term’ if the keywords exist in the same pattern and order. And finally, the exact match is similar to when the user’s keyword is exactly the same to the keyword. However, this rarely happens and so it is very selective.

But remember to run both the campaigns at the same time. Often good keywords are selected by choosing the ones that have the greatest number of clicks. And at the end of the day, these different ways are just catalysts that can help you through keyword selection, but it all comes down to you. if you cannot make a solid decision and take a leap of faith, it might be that none of the keywords will work for you. The more you research, the better keyword selection can be done.

Keyword Research Tools

And finally, the one spot that can help you amplify your selling business at amazon is the right kind of a keyword research tool. There are so many options available. Most of these have weekly, monthly, or even yearly packages for sellers to continue keyword research and use optimum keywords to boost sales.


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