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Why sellers get Amazon account suspension?


Moize Qaisar


December 13, 2020

Are you someonewho has been pursuing their dream of a business at amazon but have issues now?Nothing to worry fellas! Believe it or not, getting a suspension of amazonaccount is an issue, but there is nothing that cannot be solved. So, if you areworried about your seller account getting suspended, hold on. Because, there isnothing in this world that cannot be solved. Amazon account suspensions are anoccurrence that happens very often. Although, users may go through periods ofstress and no work, but if you follow the right path, you may get hold of youramazon account once again.

Reasons ofamazon account suspension

·       Copy rights issues and infringement issues

Believe us ornot, like parents who have strict rules for their kids, amazon has strict policiesthat need to be adhered to. A lot of sellers end up getting their amazonaccounts suspended. And one of the major reasons of this issue is sellingwithout copy rights and having infringement issues. Imagine, you pioneer increating something, and then people start off to replicating your product orselling it without copy rights. It sounds bad, right? Well, it is equally badwhen done in real.

Moreover, suchissues cause a severe damage to amazon’s repute because official brands canactually sue amazon for tolerating the misuse of selling rights. Hence, amazonhas to take strict actions against people who fail to comply by the policiesmentioned earlier on.

·       Inadequate seller performance

One major reasonwhy most people have to face suspension of amazon account is their lack ofeffort in selling performance. Fellas, we all admit that consistent hard workand lots of determination are key factors in assuring a business’s success. So,when sellers fail to regularly check their performance notifications and tochange their working accordingly, they are bound to face a suspension.

Amazon assuresconstant reviews and analysis of your performance as a seller on amazon. It hasa vast customer base that it needs to keep happy, otherwise, both itsreputation and repeat purchases will go down the drain. While ups and downs area part of life and your business at amazon, you must do something to makethings better if not right. For instance, if amazon witnesses poor performanceat the seller’s end, they tend to notify the seller time and again. However, itis solely on the seller as to what steps they take to make things better.

Let us supposeyou have come up with a product that your customers dislike and are thereforeleaving bad reviews on your product page consistently. Amazon will notify youabout this as an alarming problem. However, if you fail to make adequatechanges and more bad customer feedback springs up on your product page, youwill definitely get your seller account suspended.

·      Refusingamazon’s appeal

As less as it isknown, it is the ultimate truth, nevertheless. Amazon has certain policies thatare not talked much about, but are there, and are super stringent. One of themis that amazon notices big sellers who perform exceptionally. Often, suchsellers are appealed by amazon to shift from seller central to vendor central.Here, amazon gets to decide what will be the cost of each product and theseproducts are also sold to amazon directly.

Yikes? Yes! wehad the same feeling but it’s the ultimate truth. Amazon is the real boss, andit has the authority to make such appeals. However, remember that as anoutsider, who is making a living out of amazon’s platform has little or no sayin such appeals. Incase you got such an appeal by amazon and are thinking torefuse it, think again. We do not want you to go through a suspension of amazonaccount. Saying no literally means jeopardizing your own amazon career. You donot want that, right?

·      Misuseof seller power

Yes! like peoplewho exploit every aspect of life that they can, people do not spare amazon fromsuch malicious acts. Every now and then, a lot of people undergo the suspensionof amazon account due to the misuse of seller power. So, for example, a lot ofsellers are involved in literally copying others’ product photographs and usingthem as their own. A lot of sellers are sick of the competition given to themby sellers better than them, hence, they easily fall into the trick ofmalpractices.

Ofcourse, makingfake accounts on amazon and leaving bad and fake customer reviews on acompetitor’s product page is the norm. But this is extremely problematic in somany ways. Even though amazon does not have any direct way to find out the realperson behind such acts, if it does, such a person is barred forever. Perhaps,amazon could even sue you for such actions.

Similarly, forall those who end up falsely trademarking their product pages are prone tosuspensions of amazon account. Obviously, any way that is conducted through thewrong intentions and paths is bound to collapse. Amazon is carrying a hugedatabase, with customers and sellers from all over the world. Believe us whenwe say this, do not get involved in such acts, you might even lose the chanceto appeal. Dishonesty is the worst policy, and there is only so much that onecan get through these ways. So, if you have been a part of such a scheme, donot blame amazon when your seller account is suspended.

·       Ignoring amazon notifications

Ignoringnotifications from amazon is a bad thing to do, but it is equally bad to justignore anything in life. Often, these notifications are meant for thebetterment of everyone. But it is completely on the seller if they fail to takeaccountability for themselves and adopt a reflective mechanism. So, whenever aseller makes unreasonable mistakes, amazon does send them notifications tellingthem where they have gone wrong.

For example, alot of people receive notifications regarding their inventory items, how someof them may not be listed correctly. Yet, most people fail to overlook theselittle things. Trust us, this little act of carelessness has a ripple effect.Imagine, you have failed to enter the right product names on the list andpeople ending up buying wrong products. You will have face lots of bad customerreviews, and maybe even the costs to replace products for your customers. Inaddition, the chances of such a seller to get their seller account suspendedincrease in manifolds.

We understand thatthis entire process of suspension of amazon account is a mere hassle that addsto your life blues. But as sellers, it is vital to abide by the rules of theplatform that is bringing you a way of earning. Sometimes, the little mistakescost you fortunes. Perhaps, with regular checks of performance activity on youramazon seller accounts, and with a reflective mode for oneself, it is easy toprevent such situations. Amazon may have strict rules, but it is the sellerswho give it the business it requires. So, incase of an amazon accountsuspension, you can make an appeal and hope for a reinstation of your account.


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